Failed to unpack the windows 10 IoT Core installation package

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Always fails. At first I thought there was an issue with the SD card. Then I read that you have to right-click and run as Administrator from your windows box. I could not get this to work – it never ran. In the end I had to enable the local Administrator on my windows box and login to that account and run the windows dashboard from that account. It then worked. Hope that helps someone.

MMEncode is not available on Linux distros any more.

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Not sure what happened to this or why but its no longer available. I used to have a script that used it to convert binary data to text for attachments on emails. Having searched high and low I came up with a new solution – use openssl.

You can do the same that you were doing with mmencode by doing the following

openssl base64 -e < $FILE


Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10 under VMWare Fusion 7 on a Mac

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Trying to run up my windows project using Xamarin for windows phone 8. Kept getting this error when the windows phone 8.1 emulator

"Failed to start the virtual machine because one of the Hyper-V components is not running"

Researched a bit and had a few goes and quite a few different solutions but had to manually edit .vmx file which is inside the vmware folders.

Had to add

hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = "FALSE"

Make sure you do this with the VM shutdown. And bobs your uncle it now runs up the windows 8.1 emulators. Took a while to run them up the first time but it did finally come up. Can now debug my Xamarin project on windows phone 8.1.


Xamarin: Unable to install new debug version of Android app on a Motorola Ultra

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On running from the Xamarin studio, I could no longer deploy to the companie’s Motorola Ultra. From the deploy to device window I was seeing the following error: [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE]

This normally means that there is an old version hanging around on the device which you can’t overwrite – usually because the older version is signed and the new version is not because its running as debug from the Xamarin studio. On most Android devices they show the package name of the app in the installed apps and you can just go and remove it by the usual un-install method.

For some reason on my companies Motorola Ultra this was not showing. Took me a while but this is how I did uninstall it. You have to run up the Android debugger for which on my mac is located in …


Then you issue the command

./adb uninstall com.<package>.<name>

And Bob’s your uncle the package is uninstalled and you can then run the new one up and it gets deployed to the phone with no issue.

Hope that helps someone.

Moving From One Computer To Another With Existing Checkouts In TFS (Team Foundation Server)

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My laptop was corrupted and decided to move to another laptop at work. I had existing checkouts so I copied all the code involved to the new laptop. Then I couldn’t add the workspace with the same name as it kept saying the workspace exists on my old machine.

I looked around at posts on the internet and they were suggesting to use the tfs commands

I tried to use

tf workspaces [/updateComputerName:oldComputerName][workspacename]

Now I don’t know what was wrong but it didn’t work at all. So I took the brute force approach and updated the TFS database itself using the SQL management studio.

I used

UPDATE [TFSDBName].[dbo].[tbl_Workspace]

SET Computer = ‘NewMachineName’ WHERE Computer = ‘OldMachineName’

and that worked a treat.   If your worried then do a select first and make sure you know how many it should be updating first and do a begin transaction before the statement – just to make sure your updating the right amount.  Or even do a select afterwards to see the data changed and then issue a commit command.

Global Emergency Resources LLC – 57th Presidential Inauguration.

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Over the last couple of weeks I was very privileged to have some of the software that I have worked on being used for the 57th Presidential Inauguration. It is probably my biggest career moment ever – so far !

My employer Global Emergency Resources LLC landed a contract to supply the first aid locations and command centers with their product – HC Standard.

Ex·cerpt from Global Emergency Resource’s website:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The 2013 Presidential Inauguration brought landmark changes in emergency management and spectator safety. For the first time, inaugural personnel used a powerful situational awareness software suite to track medical emergencies; reunite lost family members; and provide real time information to event organizers. Emergency personnel from The District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and the United States military integrated emergency data using HC Standard® – a patient tracking and critical asset software solution developed by Global Emergency Resources, LLC based in Augusta, Georgia.

HC Standard® allowed local, state and federal agencies, including the National Parks Service, US Secret Service, the Red Cross, and Homeland Security officials to have a common operating picture of major events during the Inauguration, including the Presidential Candlelight Reception; the Inaugural Parade; activities along the National Mall; the Commander in Chief Ball; the Inaugural Ball; and the Inaugural Prayer Service.

The DC Department of Health partnered with the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Service Systems (MIEMSS), the Northern Virginia Emergency Response System (NVERS), and the Maryland Department of Human Resources (MD DHS) to provide patient care and tracking throughout the event. Each partner used its own installation of HC Standard® to enter patient data with Motorola MC65 handheld devices. The data was aggregated and shared in all systems so that EMTs, first responders, and command center leaders could see the full picture of Inaugural events as they occurred.

During the Inauguration, HC Standard® tracked every emergency or first aid case and plotted it in each of the three emergency operations centers used for the event tracking and management. Additionally, family members who were lost, and those who were looking for them, had their information uploaded to a multijurisdictional database so they could be more easily reunited. Even the 100+ horses that carried the mounted police were part of the HC Standard® operating picture.

“Interoperability was key,” says Stan Kuzia, CEO and founder of Global Emergency Resources. “The EMS and Healthcare partners in the National Capital Region (NCR) have worked diligently over the years to eliminate information silos and enhance communication. This Presidential Inauguration demonstrated their hard work is paying off”. The various civilian agencies in the NCR also worked closely with their military counterparts to share a combined picture of patients and missing persons being treated and handled during the entire event. HC Standard® helped to bridge the interoperability gaps on Inauguration Day as near real-time data was available to military responders just as fast as their civilian counterparts.

Original document can be found here:

The French Market Grille, Surrey Center, Augusta, GA.

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So my outlaws invited me and the wife to go down to The French Market Grille last week. My initial impression was good, it was busy, fairly noisy which I like in a restaurant.

Service was a bit slow initially with it taking a long time for the drinks to come out.

The food was excellent. I ordered the seafood gumbo (delicious), followed by the crab chop (again excellent) and finished off with some sort of cream pie (out of this world).

One thing that was odd was the waitress asked if we wanted the dessert menus when we basically had just started eating our main course !!

CONCLUSION: The food was excellent and I would definitely go back.

There is a twist though, the next day checked the bank account and for some reason they had put another check through for 72 bucks on my card. The extra amount was nothing to do with us. Rang them up and they weren’t really that apologetic but did take it off.

MySQL pegging CPU after the leap second adjustment.

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So I find that my MySQL database is running high on CPU all of a sudden. I optimize the tables etc and no difference. I hunt around the internet to find that there seems to be a problem with this years leap second adjustment which sends MySQL into orbit.

The solution reset the date

date -s "`date`"

and it dropped back to normal.

Credit goes to this lady here

Hash (#) Key On The Apple Macbook Pro.

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Now I keep forgetting the key combination for getting the hash key on my MacBook Pro. Now this is as much for me as everyone else.

Wait for it, its ….

Alt + 3

Chris May Rides From London To Brighton In Aid Of The Meadow House Hospice

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Its all self explanatory, lets help Chris get to a 1000 pounds. Get funding here

Chris made it. Click here to see the stats from his monitoring software. And stage two of his trip here.