Printing on Glossy Paper using a HP Deskjet 5850

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Any tips guys for printing on glossy brochure paper using the HP Deskjet 5850???

I have been tasked by the wife to print a message on the back of a glossy brochure and wasnt having a lot of luck.

Basically the best quality was to set to print on brochure matt finish (although it was gloss) and to use maximum dpi (so the printing was fairly slow allowing the ink to dry) and to put the ink volume on its lowest, this then gave its best results.

Any other settings just smudged all the time.  Any one else have any tips for this printer.  Photos, and all other types of printing seemed to have been fine, perhaps its the dodgy brochure paper.  Its a rather good network (wired and wireless) printer would recommend it all be it for this little mishap. Boxes

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My cat Scruffy is always going on at me to recycle my boxes. And as I like putting photos on my blog (brightens it up), here is Scruffy practicing what he preaches.

He’s made it into a nice bed for himself ….

Time for another photo

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A blast from the past, when coders were coders – none of this drag and drop / wizards stuff.  Any one recognise this motley crew?

The good old days… A prize goes to anyone who can name them all ….. !!!

Upgrade of Firewall Complete

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Apologies to all my customers, the sites are now back on.  We have replaced the firewall as the original one appeared to have an intermittant problem on the network controller.

Up2Date – changing it so that it picks up from a local mirror site

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Lots of people ask me how do I change the Up2date program on either redhat or Fedora?

So basically you edit the file called sources which is in /etc/sysconfig/rhn

There is a list of local sites for the UK which carry mirrors but the one I use is zeniiia

Just add the entries in the file above like so….

yum fedora-core-2


yum updates-released-fc2



this will then look at the site in the uk first rather than trying to go to the main redhat site.

Hope that helps you out.

NB: without the line breaks, had to do that to fit the urls on the blog page.

Added About Me Static Page to the blog

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Right have now added a static page called About Me on the site.

It was quite easy to do and just followed the instructions from the additional controls by Bill Nalen.

I will go through the steps below …. 

As Bill says there are three changes that need to be made.

  1. Create a new control, I called mine AboutMe.ascx.  This file goes in your skin controls directory.  The contents of the file should look like this (without the spaces in the tags):   < % @ Control Language="c#" AutoEventWireup="false" Inherits="Dottext.Web.UI.Controls.BaseControl" % > < P >All about me.< / P >
  2. Register your page name in the http handlers in the Web.Config file. This entry will look different depending on which defaul configuration you started with. The easiest way to make this change is to look for the Contact.aspx entry and copy it. Replace Contact.aspx with About.aspx and Contact.ascx with About.ascx. .Text will now know to put your about.ascx content into the main content section of the page.
  3. Add a link to your new page. This would usually be in the MyLink.ascx file in the skin controls directory. Again, just copy the entry for Contact and replace the contact info with the appropriate About entries.

Samba 3.0.6

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Ran the up2date on one of my Fedora 2 hosting machines and saw that samba has a new release 3.0.6.

Upgraded without any problem and also the throughput from the windows machines to this little box seemed to be faster or it could just be me imagining it.

I did have an odd problem where from time to time the windows drives mounted on the linux boxes seemed to hang.  This appears at first look to have now gone away.  Also the memory seemed to clock up really fast on the older version of Samba 3.0.5 and this doesnt seem to be happening, the memory is going up like there is a leak but much slower.

My linux machine is a mini-itx v800.


background on Feedback and contact us

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Right changed the background color on the contact and feedback boxes.

Light grey now, what do people think??  Better than the white.

Becoming quite a css wizz… 

One thing I would like is to limit the pictures in the post and gallerys to a width of 450 but if I set this via css all the images will be 450 and if they are smaller than that then they will be stretched.  Is there a trick out there to set the width if its above a certain size??

Any help is appreciated !!

A Lazy Day

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Thought it was time for some pics on here so this is what my cat thinks about the site.

Taken with the camera on my mobile phone.

My Wiki and Subtext

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After much playing around I decided not use the Wiki at this point.  Its very good and I could see a use for it, if and when I start a new project it would be like a living notepad.

My initial thoughts were to have the Wiki as the main home page and the blog off of that but what I hadnt figured is the security point of view.  I noticed that Scott Water has a login page to change the stuff which doesnt seem to be there as standard in the flexwiki package, I guess once I have more time (which is never) I will investigate to see what I can do.

I also put this LuxInteriorDark skin on the site.  Looks quite nice, the links for the rss feeds werent quite right so had to sought that out, not sure if the author realises that problem or not.  That was the little xml images had the wrong links out of the install zip.

Would be interested to know what people think, perhaps some feedback on this please.

One thing I dont like is the white background’s in the contact/feedback control so will be addressing that shortly.