My Wiki and Subtext

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Software

After much playing around I decided not use the Wiki at this point.  Its very good and I could see a use for it, if and when I start a new project it would be like a living notepad.

My initial thoughts were to have the Wiki as the main home page and the blog off of that but what I hadnt figured is the security point of view.  I noticed that Scott Water has a login page to change the stuff which doesnt seem to be there as standard in the flexwiki package, I guess once I have more time (which is never) I will investigate to see what I can do.

I also put this LuxInteriorDark skin on the site.  Looks quite nice, the links for the rss feeds werent quite right so had to sought that out, not sure if the author realises that problem or not.  That was the little xml images had the wrong links out of the install zip.

Would be interested to know what people think, perhaps some feedback on this please.

One thing I dont like is the white background’s in the contact/feedback control so will be addressing that shortly.

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