Printing on Glossy Paper using a HP Deskjet 5850

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Hardware

Any tips guys for printing on glossy brochure paper using the HP Deskjet 5850???

I have been tasked by the wife to print a message on the back of a glossy brochure and wasnt having a lot of luck.

Basically the best quality was to set to print on brochure matt finish (although it was gloss) and to use maximum dpi (so the printing was fairly slow allowing the ink to dry) and to put the ink volume on its lowest, this then gave its best results.

Any other settings just smudged all the time.  Any one else have any tips for this printer.  Photos, and all other types of printing seemed to have been fine, perhaps its the dodgy brochure paper.  Its a rather good network (wired and wireless) printer would recommend it all be it for this little mishap.