POP3: unable to scan $HOME/Maildir?

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Mini-ITX, Software

Ok I run qmail here and funny thing was outlook wasnt logging into it. Thought I had been hacked or something. To see what the problem was I telnetted into my qmail box using

telnet mail.farrowcomputing.com 110

port 110 is the port designated to pop3, then put in your username

user  “username”

then password

pass “password”

and on my system was then seeing “Unable to scan $HOME/Maildir” looked into it and had 6000 spam messages, now the limit I have for mails is quite low so you either need to up it or delete some of the messages from the linux box running qmail or you will need to put the softlimit up, ie.

Try to increase the softlimit for pop3d which is found in your pop3d run script such as /var/qmail/service/pop3d/run (for e.g.): 

blah blah… softlimit -m 2000000 to higher value.


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