Fedora Core 2 installation patch for Epia Mini-ITX

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Hardware, Linux, Mini-ITX, Software

As you may be aware the original Fedora Core 2 installation will just keep rebooting on an Epia Mini-ITX machine.  There are many newsgroups articles about this subject but I believe that they are all a little confusing so here is what I had to do to install Fedora Core 2 on to my Epia Mini-ITX CL600 machine.

First download the patch from http://people.redhat.com/arjanv/c3boot-2.iso and burn it on to a cd, then boot off of the new burnt cd.

The next set of instructions assume the text version of the installation

  • Go into the text installation by typing linux text at the prompt
  • Keep going through the installation until you get a warning message that the fedora disc is not in the drive, swap the original Fedora Core 2 disc 1 back into the drive.
  • Go through the normal installation steps for Fedora Core 2 until it says the installation is complete, then remove the CD then type Ctrl-Alt-F2 to get a console window.
  • The original Fedora Core 2 disc had already ejected so replace that with the patched CD that you burnt before starting the installation.
  • I then made a directory in /mnt/sysimage called source.
  • I then mounted the patched cd onto that directory [Note: the cdrom device is in tmp on my installation not /dev like other instructions say]  mount /tmp/cdrom /mnt/sysimage/source -t iso9660
  • Then chroot /mnt/sysimage
  • rpm -Uvf /mnt/sysimage/source/kernel*
  • once that has finished type Ctrl-Alt-F1 to go back to the original installation
  • Reboot as per original installation and it should boot into a working kernel