All Over For Another Year

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All over for another year will have to take down the tree soon, new year in a little while …


At least little Scruffy had a good time, he got a new green fishy toy !!

(above pictures of Scruffy taken with mobile phone camera on the SPV C500 mentioned in the below post)

SPV C500 replaces my old SPV E200 on an Orange Tariff

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I saw a couple of weeks ago that Orange are now doing the new SPV C500 Microsoft Smart Phone as a free upgrade, so thought I would take advantage of that when my plan was up for renewal.  Initial thoughts on the new phone is that it is lightweight and bulk free compared to the other phone and it seems not to eat batteries. 

Bad thoughts are that there is no desk holster available unlike the E200 which is a little bit of a pain but there is a usb cable so it can plug into it.  Other downsides are that the SD has to go in under the battery and this is fiddly and took me a little while until I got to work out exactly how it slots in 🙂

Other than that upgrade was seamless and it certainly does feel good.  Here are the shots of it.


After using it for a couple of months, I would even say its one of the best phones I have ever owned !!


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Well the final of the X Factor on ITV has come and gone, I actually thought G4 was the best on the night but yet again the worst got through.  I cant believe Steve won, he is nothing more than a bar act, G4 have ‘The X Factor’ and thats what its about.

Were the public really voting, I think it was a scam? 

The X Factor: Penultimate Night

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I think the public really were voting this week and I thought Steve should have gone out rather than Tabby as I think Steve was the worst of the lot on the night.

Terminal Services and Licensing: No Terminal Server License Servers

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Had to add some new terminal server licenses today for a client of mine and had a whale of  a time.  Installed the licenses which seemed to work no problem, then when I tried to connect to the remote machine kept getting the error that it couldnt connect due to “No Terminal Server License Servers”.

Then tried to ring Microsoft to see what they would say about it, firstly normal thing, ring a number that my license reseller gave me and go through to India or somewhere similar, and they were license activation rather than license help, the guy couldnt even understand me saying “can you give me a techinial support number”.  Then when he did understand me the other number was also somewhere else in India who said yes they could help me but I would have to purchase some technical support, now I know you dont get nothing for nothing but I have just purchased licenses surely I should be eligable for some help installing them oh no !!  So basically decided to try to fix the problem myself with the aid of google. 

Any way back to the problem, it would seem that the terminal services manager on the box couldnt resolve where the terminal services license server was in the domain so I had to tell it specifically by adding a registry key to that effect.



in my instance I put the ip address of the license server rather than the netbios name and rebooted and worked a treet.