PHP, Eclipse, PTTY and CVS

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Software

Okay fresh install of PHP and got this error …

Error registering XML parser services.

Then realised that the howto is slightly out of date as you need to install the 1.4 java runtime not the 1.3 as the how to says.

Also I then couldnt figure out how to get eclipse to pick up the php plugin as the documentation here is a little bit sketchy but you need to unzip the php plugin under the top level eclipse directory then if you have already started eclipse you need to start it with the -clean option then it will pick up the new plugins and you should then be able to create a new project of type php.

It also took me a little while how to figure out how to get ptty, cvs and eclipse to work and thanks go to this guys site for helping,-CVS-and-putty.html