MP101 Latest Server running with 2 network cards on Windows 2003

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Hardware, Personal

Recently try to upgrade the server and firmware on my MP101 and came across the following..

Now I run the server software on a windows 2003 server on a VIA 1.2ghz machine, now its the only windows machine that is on all the time but for some reason I couldnt get the firmware to upgrade to the latest version on the client MP101 machine, when I have done before. 

Yes yes I know the server software isnt supported on 2003 server but it did work last time, with 4 calls to support in India somewhere and various answers to why I couldnt upgrade I did realise that it was the 2003 server element of it so installed the latest server on my windows 2000 box and upgraded to the latest firmware 1.3.7 without any hassles.

Plus just for the record you dont have to upgrade to all the intermediate upgrades, I upgraded from 2.11 to 1.3.7 contrary to what Netgear’s support say !!!

My next problem was that on upgrading to the latest server software they have removed the control on the system tab to bind the NIC to the server software and I run two network cards and hence two networks on my server.  The MP101 couldnt find the server with the software it connected to the network ok and was pingable but just couldnt find the software server with the music on, rang Netgear support again and was told that it now finds the application server automatically itself, even if it has two network cards – well I would like to say it doesnt !!.

After much playing if you have the network that the MP101 is on showing in the network connections first ie on the left in the row of NIC’s you have on your machine it will work, although when the MP101 tries to connect on mine it shows two of the same server, but if I have the MP101’s network as the second NIC ie on the right in the network connections it wont find it at all unless I disable the other network card.

After slagging the Netgear support previously I do actually think the software has now been improved as it was pretty poor before although they are still lacking the server software to be installed as a service so you dont have to have the pc logged in if you are running a home network like I do.