Napster Media Center Plugin on Vista

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Personal, Software

Since upgrading from xp windows media center to vista home premium I have been unable to get Napster to work using its media center plugin the one that allows you to download and listen to music through the media center with the tv remote.  The normal napster application works fine but not the plugin.  It was provided free with windows xp media center edition but it doesnt appear to be there in vista meda center.

Looking on the internet it looks like this is the case that microsoft are not providing it free with media center probably because they have their own music download site now.

So thought I would ring Napster to see what thay had to say about it, hoping they were going tell me not to worry as they would be releasing it soon.  I hoped this because I believe it was rather good and used it rather a lot.

Ringing Napster you are prompted with an automated message about which OS do you run press 1 for XP press 2 for Vista etc etc.  So pressed the appropriate number for vista and the phone got answered by a nice chap with an american accent guess he was in america – lol.  I explain my predicament and he is unsure what I am on about as he has no experience of XP media center, when I pressed him about a similar version for Vista he admitted to me that he hadnt even seen vista now what the hell is he doing on the end of a line where you have to press buttons to appropriate support staff when they havent even seen the basics like operating system. 

Ah well, I immediately cancelled my subscription.  If any one has any news about the media center plugin for vista I would be grateful not to mention restarting my subscription to Napster as I really did like it.