Scythe Kama Connect 2

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Hardware

Ok bought the Scythe Kama Connect 2 device from Quiet PC yesterday.  Took delivery and at the same time as ordering it bought a Samsung 500GB SATA 3Gb/s hard drive to connect to it.  The reason for buying this little baby is that I hate opening cases everytime I want to configure a new drive. 

Before buying looked everywhere, did my research to see if any compatability issues with SATA and didnt appear to be so bought it.  Open it all up out of the box, nice little device plug in the Kama Connect 2 and power up my PC which is a shuttle running VISTA ultimate 64bit.  Straight away doesnt recognise the drive !!!  Scour the manual and finally find above the SATA diagram

“This product supports the reading/writing for S-ATA and S-ATA II devices, but not supporting the optional functions such as NCQ or 3Gbps”

great, looked back on the Quiet PC site to see if they had any mention of this none says supports SATA !!!

Next day got onto Quiet PC (Paul Lee) who were very helpful, got one out of the box and it worked for them so what was I doing wrong.  Borrowed another drive off my client and still couldnt read that.  Then thought about it a bit more and noticed there was no light on the power supply brick then looked at the two pin plug and the converter.  Thought about it for a minute what an idiot I had only plugged the plug into the earth socket ie. vertical rather than horizontally into the converter.  Switched it round and all worked as it should.  The disclaimer above about the 3Gb/s is just that it cant get to those speeds due to limitations on USB 2.0, I just thought it meant didnt support them full stop.

It really is a good little tool to have.  I fully recommend it and because Quiet PC were so understanding and helpful (as usual) I even recommend that you buy it from them