Dollar Accounts and Barclays Bank

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Personal

Just had a webchat with Barclays Bank, and it must be them embracing different ways to chat to customers that browse their website.  So thought I would ask about dollar accounts and why not after all it popped up and they asked me.

So here goes the conversation

Customer: ok can you give me current exchange rates on dollar accounts that you offer please
Customer: ??
Sarah A: I am sorry, Paul, we don’t have that information.
Customer: what ??? you dont have the information and your the bank !!!! never mind I will look around thanks for your help good afternoon
Sarah A: You’re welcome, Paul. Thank you for using Barclays Webchat Service.

Well again a corker from Barclays Bank – they are the bank and they cant even tell me what dollar rates they have !!!

Reminded me of the time I went into a branch and asked how much it would be to pay off an existing loan with them.  The girl behind the desk said well i’m not really sure its approximately ….  cant write a cheque for approximately …. eventually a supervisor came over and told me the exact amount.

Gosh they do make me laugh.