Sticky Fingers in Augusta, GA

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While away this summer on Edisto Beach had a few days in Augusta, Georgia and decided to go to “Sticky Fingers” rib restaurant in Augusta. Now Sticky Fingers is a rib specialty restaurant, so was looking forward to it very much. We went right at dinner time and had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated so was still looking very promising to be an excellent restaurant. We got in there and I perused the menu and decided upon half a rack of ribs marinaded in the sweet BBQ sauce.

The ribs eventually arrived which took some time after ordering but hey they were busy so I allowed them this. The food was dumped and we weren’t even given cutlery or napkins to start with. After asking these were provided for, how could they forget cutlery !!!

The ribs didnt look marinaded in anything except some generic BBQ sauce which looked like it had been on for days. The ribs were tough and not really that pleasant at all. They didnt taste of the marinade that I had chosen. Was very disappointed indeed. At the end of the meal I couldnt find any wipes to clean my hands which you would expect to be available being a rib restaurant.

On getting back to England was so disappointed with the restaurant decided I was going to let the owners of the chain know of my disappointment with the Augusta branch. So fired up the Sticky Fingers website and filled in a page detailing my experience, pressed the button. Then got emails back from their site saying that it couldn’t find the host from its mail server – agghghghghgh.

This is obviously a restaurant chain in decline, wouldn’t recommend it at all. Although I guess a lot of people are happy with second rate ribs as it did have its busy periods.

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