Opened a #Twitter Account And Installed The #WordPress #Twittertools Plugin

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Software

As I have some time on my hands these days I finally decided to open a Twitter account. Some of my friends do it although not a lot as most of their activity seems to be on Facebook.

Opening the account was fairly easy. And twitter is self explanatory really. I guess the real reason for getting on Twitter is another way of publishing my useless information that I release from time to time via my WordPress blog. So I downloaded the plugin twittertools and set up the Twitter login details which worked a treat – when I now published a post on my blog it pushed it to my Twitter account paulfarr0w. The problem was that it had the big long url in it so hunted about and realised that actually within twittertools it had 3 other plugins, one being the interface to which gives you tiny url’s.

Signed up for an account with and posted again and bobs your uncle now I have posts going through twitter as well all from one source my blog.

Oh one last thing the hash’s in the titles tell Twitter to group the posts by those keywords which is pretty nifty.

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