Xamarin: Unable to install new debug version of Android app on a Motorola Ultra

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On running from the Xamarin studio, I could no longer deploy to the companie’s Motorola Ultra. From the deploy to device window I was seeing the following error: [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE]

This normally means that there is an old version hanging around on the device which you can’t overwrite – usually because the older version is signed and the new version is not because its running as debug from the Xamarin studio. On most Android devices they show the package name of the app in the installed apps and you can just go and remove it by the usual un-install method.

For some reason on my companies Motorola Ultra this was not showing. Took me a while but this is how I did uninstall it. You have to run up the Android debugger for which on my mac is located in …


Then you issue the command

./adb uninstall com.<package>.<name>

And Bob’s your uncle the package is uninstalled and you can then run the new one up and it gets deployed to the phone with no issue.

Hope that helps someone.