Returns / Warranty From Seagate

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Well I sent back some drives in April 2007 and they say they never received them.  Basically they were some old IDE drives that were just in warranty so I wasnt too bothered.  Then this weekend May 2008 got an email saying they were sending me one of the drives repaired under warranty.  The other they say they never received even though the drives were boxed together.

So let me get this right they took 13 months to repair and return one of the two drives I sent them, and lost the other.  Must be a record !!!

Scythe Kama Connect 2

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Ok bought the Scythe Kama Connect 2 device from Quiet PC yesterday.  Took delivery and at the same time as ordering it bought a Samsung 500GB SATA 3Gb/s hard drive to connect to it.  The reason for buying this little baby is that I hate opening cases everytime I want to configure a new drive. 

Before buying looked everywhere, did my research to see if any compatability issues with SATA and didnt appear to be so bought it.  Open it all up out of the box, nice little device plug in the Kama Connect 2 and power up my PC which is a shuttle running VISTA ultimate 64bit.  Straight away doesnt recognise the drive !!!  Scour the manual and finally find above the SATA diagram

“This product supports the reading/writing for S-ATA and S-ATA II devices, but not supporting the optional functions such as NCQ or 3Gbps”

great, looked back on the Quiet PC site to see if they had any mention of this none says supports SATA !!!

Next day got onto Quiet PC (Paul Lee) who were very helpful, got one out of the box and it worked for them so what was I doing wrong.  Borrowed another drive off my client and still couldnt read that.  Then thought about it a bit more and noticed there was no light on the power supply brick then looked at the two pin plug and the converter.  Thought about it for a minute what an idiot I had only plugged the plug into the earth socket ie. vertical rather than horizontally into the converter.  Switched it round and all worked as it should.  The disclaimer above about the 3Gb/s is just that it cant get to those speeds due to limitations on USB 2.0, I just thought it meant didnt support them full stop.

It really is a good little tool to have.  I fully recommend it and because Quiet PC were so understanding and helpful (as usual) I even recommend that you buy it from them


Vista, Palm Treo 750v and Windows Mobile Center 6.1

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Since upgrading to Vista have had a few problems syncing my Palm Treo 750v with the mobile center.  Read lots of places that upgrading to Mobile Center 6.1 helped well I dont think thats really the problem, the problem seems to be that the (or at least mine) Treo seems to have a mind of its own and gets stuck doing things ie. the bluetooth sometimes doesnt connect as the mobile is busy this seems to be the same with the syncing one minute it syncs the other it doesnt.

I normally find that once I have soft rebooted (taken battery out) the mobile it works fine whether it be mobile sync center 6.1 or 6.0

I run Vista 64 bit here as well for the record, just waiting for Birdie Sync to be compatible with vista 64bit then all will be good as I tend to run a mixture of windows and linux, prefer not to use outlook and use thunderbird instead as it has better support for IMAP.

Trouble with that Pesky Mouse

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Not This Mouse

Vista, A Microsoft Wireless Mouse And Intellipoint

Ok since I installed Vista Ultimate about 2 months ago my microsoft wireless optical mouse 2 and keyboard has behaved strangely.  I run dual screens and when clicking from one screen to the other it would sometimes have to be a four or five times double click before it recongised that I wanted to change focus.

After much trawling and swearing found this knowlegebase article – 321122 from microsoft.

After I did the above it seemed to cure the majority of my problems although I must say its still a little twitchy sometimes but mostly it is fixed. 

Visual Studio 2005, Pushok and CVS on Vista / Linux

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Ok I previously blogged how to get visual studio 2003 talking to cvs using putty and pushok.  This is an update to that, which can be found previous to this entry.

Pre-cursor to this is that you have putty working with your linux / unix machine and that you can open a session using ssh without using a password.

I downloaded the version 1.3 of the cvsscc from pushok, I believe thats the one for unix as they have split their programs from unix and windows cvs since I last bought software from them.

I then opened visual studio 2005 and clicked open from source control which presents you with a cvsroot options dialog in the cvsroot just type :ext:paulfarrow@cvs_server:/500gb1/cvsdata now ext depicts the protocol and the pushok program knows to use putty which you should already have set up and running in the tray with your certificates etc (not covered in this blog entry) and then the userid @ the putty saved session, you can see mine is called cvs_server and then the path for the root here mine is /500gb1/cvsdata.

then once you have put that in click check and it should authenticate against the linux server.  You should then be able to clicke elipse next ot cvs module and it will give you a list of directories / modules in your cvs server.

Glad I got that going took me a little while, my next quest is to upgrade to svn and try the pushok plugin for that, will keep you all informed on how it goes.

ah forgot to mention one thing you need an environment variable to point to plink.exe which comes with putty that is CVS_RSH just set that to where plink resides in my case thats CVS_RSH=c:\ssh\plink.exe then pushok knows to use that for the ext protocol.

Quick Plug For FEL Communications and Nick Roast

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Right was after some 3.5 mm socket savers for my media center and found FEL Communications in Sunbury.   Think they are about the only people that do them as couldnt find anything like it else where on the net.  Very nice chap and collected them personally from his house which incidently was down the same road my friend from Brooklands Technical College used to live – Adrian Turner.

Right so the website is

Thanks again Nick

Accessing Vista with smbclient

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Just bought a new machine and decided to put VISTA on it.  Now biggest problem was accessing the shares via smbclient or Samba.  Hunted high and low on the net couldnt find anything not specific for VISTA and smbclient.

I then looked for windows xp and smbclient and found a post about changing a registry entry.  Up to this point I had tried everything everyone else was saying like enable file sharing, private sharing etc and couldnt get any of that too work at all.

Probably works via another vista machine but not from linux or my apple.

I upgraded samba to the latest version before doing this.  I then added a registry entry in \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE


called LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy which a hexadecimal value of 1 and bobs your uncle you should be able to access shares and admin shares such as C$ on the vista machine from smbclient or mounting it in the fstab.

Hope that helped you, it helped me no end as I was getting very frustrated about it.  And samba is key to my machines here.


mysql error "#1030 – Got error 28 from table handler"

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Was getting the error #1030 – Got error 28 from table handler on one of my customers boxes realised that the partition was out of disk space. 

excluding a dependency via UP2Date

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always wondered how to exclude from up2date finally got off my backside and looked into it…

for all you out there that dont know its up2date –update –exclude=

Undefined reference to errno with make of checkpassword

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On some flavours of linux errno is a macro rather than an int so you need to alter the error.h file for it to compile

You need to do the following….

mv error.h error.h.orig

sed -e ‘s/extern int errno;/#include /g’ error.h.orig > error.h