Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10 under VMWare Fusion 7 on a Mac

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Trying to run up my windows project using Xamarin for windows phone 8. Kept getting this error when the windows phone 8.1 emulator

"Failed to start the virtual machine because one of the Hyper-V components is not running"

Researched a bit and had a few goes and quite a few different solutions but had to manually edit .vmx file which is inside the vmware folders.

Had to add

hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = "FALSE"

Make sure you do this with the VM shutdown. And bobs your uncle it now runs up the windows 8.1 emulators. Took a while to run them up the first time but it did finally come up. Can now debug my Xamarin project on windows phone 8.1.


Moving From One Computer To Another With Existing Checkouts In TFS (Team Foundation Server)

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My laptop was corrupted and decided to move to another laptop at work. I had existing checkouts so I copied all the code involved to the new laptop. Then I couldn’t add the workspace with the same name as it kept saying the workspace exists on my old machine.

I looked around at posts on the internet and they were suggesting to use the tfs commands

I tried to use

tf workspaces [/updateComputerName:oldComputerName][workspacename]

Now I don’t know what was wrong but it didn’t work at all. So I took the brute force approach and updated the TFS database itself using the SQL management studio.

I used

UPDATE [TFSDBName].[dbo].[tbl_Workspace]

SET Computer = ‘NewMachineName’ WHERE Computer = ‘OldMachineName’

and that worked a treat.   If your worried then do a select first and make sure you know how many it should be updating first and do a begin transaction before the statement – just to make sure your updating the right amount.  Or even do a select afterwards to see the data changed and then issue a commit command.


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Just like to give out a shout to a young man Neil Bostrom who I had the pleasure of working with at Standard Life Healthcare.  It seems in the last year he has not only launched a company TreeHouse Development but a new game for the Microsoft Windows 7 Phone platform and its called CryoDefense.

CryoDefense Logo

Zotac ION-ITX-F Wi-Fi Dual Core 1.6GHz Atom N330 Mini-ITX Motherboard with PCI Express x16 With Windows 7 Home Premium

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After putting a power meter on my home entertainment system realised that my equipment was using a lot of power 350 watts at peak. So thought I would do some investigation into a recent low power mini-itx board from Zotac. I chose this one because it was dual core and it has a pci-express card on it which is good for a cable tuner I am looking at to use in it for when I am in the USA.

Ordered the board from as they are the only people I could find doing this board. It came and everything looked fine except that the fan isnt fitted and there are no holes for it on the cpu heat sink. After talking with mini-itx they told me to screw it to the heatsink even though it doesnt have any predetermined holes. I also noticed that the manuals that came with it – the quick installation and the main manual werent for this board. Which was a great start.


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I had already converted my old system from Vista to Windows 7. I then put the new Atom board into my case and started it up. Immediately I was getting checksum errors and just stalled. I was like oh dear must be memory related so twiddled about a bit with the memory until I found the culprit. From going from 1 board to the other, one stick of my 2Gb DDR2 had decided to die.

Not a real problem as really 2Gb of memory should be ok for what that board needs to do. So once over that everything came up fine. I use this as my media center so mainly playing music and watching tv (SD & HD blu-ray).

Initial reaction was that its great. So lets put it through its paces, watching blu-ray with fast moving action – didnt phase it at all everything was running fine at 17% cpu and wattage was about 270 watts so it was already saving me about 70 watts of power. I then decided to get it to record two tv stations and watch a recorded program at the same time.

It did this as well although cpu was about going from about 50 to 75%. And when navigating through the menu it was a bit sluggish although livable. All in all it is great because it will save me money and the Windows 7 media center is a little better than the old Vista one.

FURTHER UPDATE:  having recently bought UP on blu-ray I have noticed something that is important for this board.  Some of the later blu-ray’s are recorded in MPEG4 – I have tested UP and The Taking Of Pelham 123, they are both recorded in MPEG4 unlike I Am Legend which is VC1.

MPEG4 is currently running at around 47% cpu usage which is fine on its own but if (like I was at the time of trying to play UP) you are recording tv at the same time its just a bit too much for the little NVIDIA ION board which then runs at 100% and frames and audio drop on the play back of the blu-ray movie.  Its a shame because its a great board and just what I want when the machine is on all the time but its a trade off between performance and cost of running the equipment.

Overall I am still impressed even though there are these obvious trade offs.

Firefox 3.5 and WordPress – Cant Login

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Since upgrading to firefox 3.5, I couldnt login any more to my wordpress (currently 2.7) blog.  It was wierd as I couldnt login using firefox 3.5 on my apple running OS-X 10.5 and I couldnt login using firefox 3.5 on Vista.  But I could login on my clients machine running firefox 3.5 on Windows XP.

What seemed to be the problem was that in my userid / password cache I had two id’s for the site one with a capatalised first letter and one all lowercase, ie.  Admin and admin.

Now prior to firefox 3.5 this wasn’t a problem as it picked the correctly saved one.  Now since firefox 3.5 it looks like it always wants to pick the capitalised one and there seems to be no way to pick the non capitalised id’s however much you try to get it to do it.

Well all I needed to do was remove the duplicate unused id’s and it then worked.  You can do this from preferences -> security -> stored passwords, look for the ids you want to remove, highlight them and hit remove.

Once the duplicate id’s were tidied I could now login using firefox 3.5.  Guess this is a feature of firefox 3.5.

Vista, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player And Blu-Ray DVD's

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My last upgrade of my media center included a blu-ray media player, it was  a cheap LG player although wasn’t as cheap as they are today.  This was bought a few years back when they first came out but didn’t install it for some time until now.

Well I thought Vista was bound to support blu-ray and didnt think anything of it until I started to buy loads of new dvd’s and found windows media center and windows media player couldnt play them.  So what are the options, well currently they are

  • Cyberlink PowerDVD (current version 9)
  • Roxio CinePlayer DVD Decoder
  • Arcsofts TotalMedia Theatre

Well my experience is this, Roxio forget it wouldnt even register properly and looking on the NET couldnt find one person that had installed it successfully on Vista so got a refund straight away.  Arcsofts TotalMedia Theatre was the same installed but didnt play at all.  Now the board I have in my media center has the INTEL Graphics G35 chip so could be because of that as its not really that good enough to play Blu-Ray discs.

So I know a lot of people dont like it but the PowerDVD was the only thing that played the blu-ray movies for me on Vista with a motherboard that uses the Intel G35 chip.

And that concludes my findings now to buy a micro ATX motherboard that uses the NVIDIA 9400 chipset.

Antec Fusion Remote HTPC Case – Audio Control Doesnt Work

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Just upgraded my media center case to an Antec Fusion Remote.  Now its a very well made case and has 120mm fans in them with variable speed control which is why it took my fancy.  It has full size slots as well as my older case could only take half height cards which is always a problem finding them.  I bought the silver one, disappointment here is that only the front is silver the rest of the case is black which is fine if you stack your machine with a silver av receiver that is silver as you wont see the rest of the case but if your like me that has them side by side its a little annoying that they didnt choose to do the whole case in silver but I guess its all because of cost and to be honest its way cheaper than say a zalman htpc case so I guess thats why.

I run an asus p5e-hdmi micro-atx board in it.  It isnt one of the latest micro atx media boards because i have had it hanging around at the house for nearly a year now.  I then push the audio out via coaxial to a sony av receiver running a 5.1 tanoy speakers.

The only problem I had with it was that the remote and variable control on the front of the case didnt adjust the sound / audio.  Having researched the Antec support area, they suggested upgrading the latest driver software for the vfd (lcd panel) and your motherboard.  Both of which still didnt make it work.

Then I saw that on the Asus support site that there was a realtek driver for the audio.  I then replaced the microsoft standard driver for the audio with the Realtek one and bazaaam it all works.

The only outstanding problem I have is that Microsoft Media Center doesnt control the audio when playing a dvd, but I have had this problem on my older media center so think Media Center cant control it as the ouput just seems to off load it out the coaxial audio cable to my av receiver.

The results are outstanding just need to upgrade my lcd tv to a full HD (1080p) one now rather than a HD-Ready (720p) but that will have to wait.

Front USB Ports not working on my Shuttle running Vista x64 Ultimate

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After taking the Cypress update my front usb ports stopped working.  How did I fix it well if you go to the device manager (right click the computer icon in file explorer, click properties then click device manager [left hand side]) under Universal Serial Bus Controllers (right at the bottom) there is a device shown now called HX2LP kit (3.03.0000.2) I believe this is what causes the problem so I just uninstalled mine and rebooted.

After the reboot I get a generic USB hub appear and the front ports on my shuttle SD37P2 are now working.

Also when I run windows update again I dont see that update any more.