Senor Farrow Visits El Faro, London

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Well things finally came to an end for myself on the BPOSS (BP Open Shipping System) team.  So the team decided that we would combine the Christmas team lunch with my leaving dooooo.

John Sparke thought we should go to a Spanish restaurant that he knew…

Farrow at El Faro

Enjoying A Fillet Steak

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El Faro
3 Turberry Quay
Pepper Street
London E14 9RD

It is right next to Crossharbour station on the Isle of Dogs.

The staff were welcoming and Spanish which is great as most of the waiting staff these days in Spanish restaurants are english.

I would say the menu was small but precise with some really good stuff on it.

I had the Spanish omelette to start with, followed by a perfectly cooked blue rump steak.  The wine menu was excellent and I and a colleague had a red rioja which was just fantastic.

For dessert I had the caramelized bananas served with Madagascar vanilla ice cream.

My colleagues meals were also excellent.

The bill was 433 pounds which worked out at 86 pounds a head so it wasn’t the cheapest lunch although I think the three bottles of champagne and the brandy’s after the meal somewhat pushed the price up.

Would I go back – YES I would.

Our Time On BPOSS With BP Has Finally Come To A Close.

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Well recently we were told that our team BPOSS is being outsourced to India.  Its been a long journey with some of our team working on BPOSS for 6 years or more.  Myself personally I have worked on the team at Sunbury for 4 years now.

Its sad because its our system, we have put in a lot of blood and sweat to get it to where it is now.  What is strange is that BP just seem to be biting the bullet and outsourcing everything and everyone.  All our knowledge of the shipping system is just about to walk out the door.

The current team

  • Tim Bridges – Project Manager
  • John Sparke – Lead Business Analyst
  • John Derbyshire – Technical Analyst
  • Andy Russell – Testing Manager
  • Scott Waye – Technical Lead
  • Simon Hewitt – Developer
  • and of course me – TEA BOY extraordinaire

So come the end of September there will be a ready made team available if any one has anything for us to do !!!! Its a superb team, having worked together for half a decade,  we gel really well.  Not to mention the wealth of  shipping knowledge between us.

Our skills are Shipping, Oil, .NET, C#, LLBLGen & SQL Server.

Any way better shut up and get the teas in.

What has happened to Thames Court in Shepperton

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Went there yesterday with the BPOSS team from BP shipping and gosh the food has gone right down hill they charged me £7.50 for a sea food salad and I needed a magnifying glass to see it.  The green salad was in a small bowl and a few bits of sea food around it.

Complete rip off.  The beer on the other hand was good, pint of doombar.