Nikon D5000 – First Images

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Decided it was time I got myself a digital SLR and saw the reviews on engadget of the new Nikon D5000. The price was good and I have been fed up with the camera on my HTC mobile, especially as I have been taking a lot of photos on my visits to the states.

Jessops this weekend had a sale on so bought the camera, extra lense, 8gb SD card and you got a free bag as part of the deal. I ordered the GP-1 unit for it as well (although have to wait 28 days for that) so that I can store the gps position of the photo as this seems to be the latest fashion in the world of photography.

I even negotiated about 50 pounds off the sale price. 🙂

Got my Suzuki GSXR750 K7

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Last weekend took delivery of my Suzuki GSXR750 K7 it is very nice. Bit frightened have to be honest of it at first but after 2 bends I was smiling very big wide smiles its excellent. Unfortunately it broke down 2 days after getting it, the regulator went on it but Portman Motorcycles are fixing it. But until that time I didn’t get above 3rd gear and was doing about just under a ton.

Suzuki GSX-R 750

Suzuki GSX-R 750