Updated My Blog To Use An Ebay Plugin

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Personal

ok I updated my wordpress blog to use a plugin from watchcount.com, so that I can list my ebay items on my blog. I will be selling a lot of stuff soon due to my impending emigration to the USA yahooooooo !!!!

There was a small FEATURE in the plugin that didnt allow it to work when php is hosted on IIS but have worked with the author and have now solved that which is great. Actually great support from them and it works a treat.

So I now have ebay items on the sidebar and you can post directly into the text like this… Check out the tattoo flash from my impending brother in law !!! yahoooo. OK OK I am getting a bit wild for a Monday morning I know any way check this out.

Not sure on the ebay header bit but I guess thats ebay doing that so probably nothing we can do about it.

Eddie Peace Tattoo

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Personal

My friend Noel Peace in the Carolinas has started a tattoo site.

It features the famous Georgia tattooists Eddie and Ann Peace (his grandparents).  There is history on them and you can even buy a bound book of the original tattoo flash created by Eddie Peace.

Why not check it out…. http://www.peacevintagetattooflash.com