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Now a friend of mine has just changed his email to, now is there something I am missing here.  Is this a buzz word or something of the latest jargon and not being up with the latest trends dont realise the meaning of this.

If you know then let me know !!!

Time of the postings

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Having just moved the blog from a subdirectory of myblog to the root of the site I have realised that I am on the wrong time zone again.

Just need to fix that up in the web.config

old config was -5 and just altered it to 0 for good old GMT.  This now means that this entry will be before the previous as the times have come back 5 hours.

times in good old GMT…

Server fails to sell on Ebay again

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Yet again the server fails to sell. I guess its quite specialised or it was the Wont post only deliver to the south of england, so if any one is looking for this kind of spec drop me a line. I will even look into posting it if someone wants it that bad. Here is the speel. Due to upgrading, now selling a dual xeon 2.4ghz server.

Less than a year old, all in working condition.

Many parts in it, may sell parts seperately if the price is right, contact me to discuss.  The server consists of ….

Case: Lian Li PC 70 Aluminium Full-Tower

PSU: Antec 550w

Supermicro X5DAE motherboard

2 * XEON 2.4Ghz cpu

Adaptec ultra 160 dual channel scsi raid card

5 * 18Mb scsi u160 10000rpm drives (3 ibm
and 2 Quantam
[Atlas 10K III]) 2 * 18Mb scsi u160 10000rpm drives (1 of each of the above – never used in wrappers [backup for raid])

5 * coolermaster cool drives

1 * scsi cd/rw hp

1 * floppy

akasa round cables (various)

zalman fans (various)

2 * 256mb sticks of ddr ram

700 GBP
Contact me

if your interested

Colocated Servers are down

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My colocated servers seem to have stopped responding, rang the datacenter Dedipower and they looked into it.

There response was


added by gary at Tuesday 31st of August 2004 04:58:32 PM:
Hi Paul,

It appeared that there was no activity on the NIC within your server. We replaced the netowrk cable with a new one and it appears everything is working again.

Please let me know if you are having any more problems.

We are sorry for any inconvenience, this is a very rare occurence.

added by customer at Tuesday 31st of August 2004 04:57:21 PM:
was that the one from the panel?? Or the one between some of the machines in the farm???

added by gary at Tuesday 31st of August 2004 05:02:56 PM:
Hi Paul,

This was the cable from the server to the switch. Not the cross-over between the two machines.



So all back and working now, Farrow Computing back on line.

At the father in laws

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Been out with the relatives today.  Enjoying a relaxing Bank Holiday Monday, forgetting about pressures of work and unpaid invoices.

Its been a nice day.  Have just checked my email and only got 6 emails which were SPAM which is good, obviously those spammers have been off for the Bank Holiday weekend !!!



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Got the wiki eventually up and running although I still cant amend the home page at this instance.

Basically I kept getting object reference not set then I realised that in my file I still had ‘YourNameSpace’ in the file rather than replacing it with the actual namespace name ie. MyWiki

did that and it all came up.


Blog Installed

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Right this is my first entry in the blog, should have been doing my VAT return but wanted to see if I could get this going.

So nearly here, have added a few pictures of my server which I am selling if your interested.