Coolermaster Cool Drive 3 : FORSALE

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Ok put my five Coolermaster Cool Drive 3 enclosures on ebay as they are now cluttering the bedroom.  If your interested in buying these or any other bits I have in the gallery under “bits for sale” please drop me a line.

Not sure how these will go as they again are a specialised item.  Selling at a good price though £3.00 each as these retail at about £18.00 a go.

POP3: unable to scan $HOME/Maildir?

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Ok I run qmail here and funny thing was outlook wasnt logging into it. Thought I had been hacked or something. To see what the problem was I telnetted into my qmail box using

telnet 110

port 110 is the port designated to pop3, then put in your username

user  “username”

then password

pass “password”

and on my system was then seeing “Unable to scan $HOME/Maildir” looked into it and had 6000 spam messages, now the limit I have for mails is quite low so you either need to up it or delete some of the messages from the linux box running qmail or you will need to put the softlimit up, ie.

Try to increase the softlimit for pop3d which is found in your pop3d run script such as /var/qmail/service/pop3d/run (for e.g.): 

blah blah… softlimit -m 2000000 to higher value.


Yogesh has left IVIS Group

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Yogesh left the Ivis Group last Friday and had a bit of a doo..  unfortunately I couldnt make it as it seemed that everyone was leaving companies last Friday and I had to attend another bash.  Yogesh unfortunately couldnt hire David Bailey for his photos but got the next best person with a camera phone.

If you can see them here are the photos (2 of the better ones) ….

Now there were a few people missing, so here are some pictures from the archives….

Hover over the photos to reveil the captions (if your browser supports it), plus may take a little time to download if your on a dial up (high quality thumbnails)

Using WinCVS and Integrating Visual Studio .NET with CVS over SSH

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Recently I have had to use CVS rather than source safe as the repository for my latest project.  I have used CVS with visual studio 6 using the  igloo toolset, now I cant remember if that was over SSH but it did work very well and CVS is far superior than source safe.

The project that I am now on is a visual studio .net one with the cvs repository having access over ssh.  Firstly I wanted to set up wincvs as this tool is rather good, now to use ssh on windows you either go down the putty route or the cgywin route.  I personally quite like putty and that is what I did.  I used the latest beta version of wincvs  I then followed this doc to get the basics going. 

Things I fell fowl of :

  • Wincvs always gave “Putty Internal Error” – “invalid port number” error when trying to connect.  I had the ssh client in preferences, ssh as putty.exe rather than plink.exe once changed, no more errors.
  • I couldnt get wincvs to prompt for a password and then it always gave a password error as it was prefilling it with empty string.  I then moved to set up a private public key so I didnt have to put in the password.
  • Couldnt recognise the public key, I wasnt sure if I had to have a file called authorization_keys2 or not with ssh2, or whether I had to have a .ssh2 directory.  On the clients box in the end I just saved the public key in the file authorization_keys in .ssh under the home directory of the account I was trying to login as and resolved the keys no problem.
  • Under the options controlling ssh authentication I had to uncheck attempt keyboard-interactive auth (SSH2) for it all to work as it would always fail to authenticate if this was checked.
  • Plus when I copied and pasted the public key from putty’s key gen I noticed in vi it didnt always paste the full key, just check that you have the full key when pasting it into your authorization_keys file. 
  • The key in authorization_keys must NOT have returns / line breaks in it, some editors may attempt to put line breaks in it.

One other thing when setting up your putty preferences in wincvs make sure you reference the saved session rather than the actual box / ip address your going to, the preferences do ask for this but you should use a saved session ie: paulfarrow@cvssavedsession:/home/cvs

Also you should run pageant.exe in the putty suite of programs, this will save you typing in the private key phrase each time you login.

Once all these things are in place, wincvs worked a treat for me and its a great program.

Secondly integration with Visual Studio .Net and CVS, well as I said before I used to use the igloo program but in this instance couldnt get ssh or ext protocol working with it, reading along the lines I dont think it can.  I then stumbled over this program which I have been using under evaluation.  It is created by pushok and seems to work no problem with ssh or ext.  It took me a little time to get it working, infact I went away from it but then I stumbled on what I have to do to get it going which wasnt that clear.

For ssh/ext protocol you must add the following environment variable CVS_RSH=plink.exe, once I had done this it worked fine.

The full faq about how to do that for proxyok can be read here.   The product appears to integrate with visual studio no problem, the only thing you must do is get into the right mind set to use CVS (as you probably are aware), as with CVS you take a snapshot of the whole module rather than just checkout what you want to work on.


Nathan Comben Leaves Standard Life Healthcare

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Met Nathan for a quick pint on his leaving do, seemed quite relaxed about the whole thing.

Nathan Comben
(Nathan enjoying a pint in RSVP in Guildford)

Yogesh is leaving the Ivis Group

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I also heard today that my friend Yogesh is leaving the Ivis Group in Ealing, to pursue a career at Teletext.  It seems it is the climate for change.

Any way I wish him luck in his new job. 

Nathan Comben is leaving Standard Life Healthcare.

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I heard yesterday that Nathan had handed his notice in at Standard Life Healthcare down there in Guildford.  I cant quite believe it actually as I thought he was a lifer !!!  Plus whats even more funny, he is going to join Anite Financials in Slough and I have done work for Anite in the past.

Any way I wish him well, but that does leave me to wonder who is going to support the EPS product down there at Standard Life, as most of the original team has now left.

Ebay auction has come to an end

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At last the auction is over and I am amazed how much money I have made, 450 pounds.  Its really wierd what people will pay when they are bidding as a lot of the prices were nearly as much as buying new.

Any way just have to box it up and ship it out now.

Its About Time

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Thought it was time to get a bit cheesy, so put a clock and weather forecast control on the blog.  What do you think – is that cheese or what???

Samba and a Windows 2003 domain

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If you were getting permission denied while mounting a w2k3 share onto a linux box then here is a suggestion to get around that

• On the Win2K3 server select Domain Controller Security Policy from the Administrative Tools menu
• Navigate to Local Policies|Security Options
• Disable “Microsoft network server: Digitally sign communications (always)”
• Since FC2 you will also need to disable “Microsoft network server: Digitally sign communications (if client agrees)”
• You can wait for the policy to propagate or run gpupdate from a command line