Trying to sell bits on EBAY again…

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Hardware

Trying to have a clear out of a lot of my computer equipment here.  The pictures can be seen in the gallery and the prices and items on EBAY here

If you fancy any of the bits and you want to know more please contact me


Fixed Subtext View Picture Size Problem

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Software

Right I have fixed the view picture size problem in subtext as it was really bugging me.  I have removed the width and height settings so that it either defaults to the size of the picture, or you can override the settings using css now.

The new binaries with the change in are located here

You will then need to override the css in your options css override as follows:

.imageFrame img { width: 505px; height: 480px }

It does make the picture look a bit squashed but its in the correct place, play around with the sizes until you have what you want…..

Let me know of any problems that I have overlooked.  Take a look at the viewer here


javascript error in postback on 1.1

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Software

Normal story, deploy code and what you think is live isnt actually live.  In this case I am talking about the 1.1 Service pack 1.

And low and behold get a lovely javascript error when you have added controls to pages etc etc.

So after much digging around I found a solution to the problem (that is rather than deploying the service pack due to restrictions on the live server), which works lovely.  The solution …

You can override the render method in your pages or base classes depending on what your doing, like so

// Override the render method for all those machines
// without 1.1 service pack 1

protected override voidRender(HtmlTextWriter writer)
StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder();
StringWriter stringWriter = new
HtmlTextWriter htmlWriter = new HtmlTextWriter(stringWriter);
string html = stringBuilder.ToString();
int start = html.IndexOf(”

int end = html.IndexOf(“\””, start);
string formID = html.Substring(start, end – start);
string replace = formID.Replace(“:”, “_”);
html = html.Replace(“document.” + formID, “document.” + replace);

This will only work if you have a form tag in your page, I guess we could adapt it so if the page doesnt have a form then dont do the replace, ie no postback needed.