The X Factor on ITV: Did the public really vote

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Having watched The X Factor on ITV for the last few weeks, I really dont think the public have voted at all, as it seemed that all the judges lost one person and tonight I just knew it was going to be one of Simon Cowells contestants that went even though G4 was the weakest or have been for the last few weeks.

I now think the next couple of weeks the real votes will be used but I really dont think they have so far, its just very wierd who has left the show and the particular order.

PHP5, MySQL, IIS and WINDOWS 2003 Server

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Had some bother with the extensions of php5, php_mysql.dll and libmysql.dll under my latest installation on windows 2003 server.  When using the mysql_connect function to connect to a mysql database kept getting the error message

“mysql_drop_db could not be located in the dynamic link library libmysql.dll”

Now I had moved the libmysql.dll into the c:\windows\system32 directory, uncommented the extension in php.ini but was still getting this message, eventually realised that the new libmysql that comes with versions 4 & 5 of mysqlsql dont have these functions in them any more.  Therefore when you use php5 you must put libmysql.dll from the php5 zip file into the windows directory otherwise you get the above error.

I am not sure if you will lose functionality or not by doing this as the mysql engine will still use what ever version is in mysql/bin (from installation) but the current version php5 is compiled against mysql version 3 and still needs the function defs of that version.

CRUD why you cant afford it

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Looking for details on 2.0 and its official release date I stumbled upon the article on MSDN about “CRUD why you cant afford it”,  this article talks about everything that I have disliked about CRUD for a long time. 

I have never really talked up about it though as most people rave or say “you must have CRUD”, when having written systems with and without CRUD, I dont believe it works that well for the reasons the author of the article mentions. 

The components at were built around exactly what we were doing rather than having generic CRUD methods and this seemed to work very well.

The MSDN article can be found here

Voice Over IP

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A friend of mine just recommended using Skype which is a voice over IP product. 

Had a go and I must say it works very well, I have used other products which are similar and run across the internet and are very choppy but this has fantastic quality. 

Plus they have hooked up with telecommunications companies to provide access to the normal phone network which means from your computer you can call a normal telephone number in the world for just over a penny a minute.

Fedora Core 2 installation patch for Epia Mini-ITX

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As you may be aware the original Fedora Core 2 installation will just keep rebooting on an Epia Mini-ITX machine.  There are many newsgroups articles about this subject but I believe that they are all a little confusing so here is what I had to do to install Fedora Core 2 on to my Epia Mini-ITX CL600 machine.

First download the patch from and burn it on to a cd, then boot off of the new burnt cd.

The next set of instructions assume the text version of the installation

  • Go into the text installation by typing linux text at the prompt
  • Keep going through the installation until you get a warning message that the fedora disc is not in the drive, swap the original Fedora Core 2 disc 1 back into the drive.
  • Go through the normal installation steps for Fedora Core 2 until it says the installation is complete, then remove the CD then type Ctrl-Alt-F2 to get a console window.
  • The original Fedora Core 2 disc had already ejected so replace that with the patched CD that you burnt before starting the installation.
  • I then made a directory in /mnt/sysimage called source.
  • I then mounted the patched cd onto that directory [Note: the cdrom device is in tmp on my installation not /dev like other instructions say]  mount /tmp/cdrom /mnt/sysimage/source -t iso9660
  • Then chroot /mnt/sysimage
  • rpm -Uvf /mnt/sysimage/source/kernel*
  • once that has finished type Ctrl-Alt-F1 to go back to the original installation
  • Reboot as per original installation and it should boot into a working kernel

A little bit of amusement – Bagpuss

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Now the team have been on at me for some time to put this on my blog.  Its been sitting on my desk for a couple of months collecting dust. 

I thought it would make a good christmas present. 

Dont forget to press its tummy…

Lian Li PC 75 Aluminium Full-Tower (No PSU) : FORSALE

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Decided to sell my trusty aluminium Lian Li case on EBAY…

Full spec can be found here.  And pictures here. [ Apologies Pictures now gone due to sale ]

Got TWiki working on IIS6.0 under Windows Server 2003

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At the weekend I had a go at installing TWiki running on IIS6 under windows server 2003.  Eventually with my old Perl book in one hand and a mixture of these articles below I got it going…

I didnt use cygwin in the end I used the following…

ActiveState Perl 5.8

Windows Binaries of RCS (can be found on the GNU RCS site)

I wanted to authenticate users so I have used windows authentication which works fine but it does mean that users cant register themselves and then start using it without the user being added to windows box manually by the Administrator.  If any one has any ideas how to get around this I would be most obliged.

The tool itself is great and one of the best wiki tools around, as it is very mature now.

If you want to ask me any questions, please do..

Marriage on the Way !!!

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Met up with some old friends Richard Jeffery and Tracy McMillan over the weekend, haven’t seen them for about 3 years.  They were both looking well and it was as though we had only seen each other recently, not as long as 3 years.

They did have an announcement “they have got engaged”. Good luck is what I say.

Here is a picture from the pub, not too good a photo though…