How to Reset Webalizer

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Looking at my hosting site I noticed there is quite a lot of traffic looking for how to reset the open source project webalizer so here is what I do to reset it.

Basically under Fedora the webalizer package is installed in /var/lib/webalizer, and in there (if you have run it already) will be two files webalizer.current and webalizer.hist you will need to delete both of them for it to reset itself. 

The webalizer.current documents the last known position so it doesnt go back over the same stats when it runs and the webalizer.hist file actually holds the statistics.

PHP, Eclipse, PTTY and CVS

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Okay fresh install of PHP and got this error …

Error registering XML parser services.

Then realised that the howto is slightly out of date as you need to install the 1.4 java runtime not the 1.3 as the how to says.

Also I then couldnt figure out how to get eclipse to pick up the php plugin as the documentation here is a little bit sketchy but you need to unzip the php plugin under the top level eclipse directory then if you have already started eclipse you need to start it with the -clean option then it will pick up the new plugins and you should then be able to create a new project of type php.

It also took me a little while how to figure out how to get ptty, cvs and eclipse to work and thanks go to this guys site for helping,-CVS-and-putty.html

Scruffy had his flu Jab Yesterday

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My little Scruffy went and had his yearly flu jab yesterday.  Hes feeling a little sad today though, I guess its taking its toll on him as it is like having cat flu but not in a large dose.   Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow.

Apache2 and PHP5 and missing apxs file on Fedora Core 3

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Ok next problem that I bumped into today while trying to install PHP5 on Apache2.  In the php instructions it tells you to use the –with-apxs2 and point that to the apxs file.  Now the standard install of Fedora 3 doesnt install this file for you, so you need to install the httpd-devel package.  This can be done easily using up2date with this command.

up2date httpd-devel

and this will install the apxs file which for should now sit in /usr/sbin

then to configure the php5 issue the command

./configure –with-apxs2=/usr/sbin/apxs –with-mysql

hope that helps

Checkpassword-0.90 Compilation Error on Fedora Core 3

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Ok now next problem that I ran into in trying to get qmail running on the distrubution is that checkpassword-0.90 doesnt want to compile and looking on the web there is 1 arabic website explaining how to get around this which I cant understand but with again more pain I have finally cracked it.

In the source directory of checkpassword you will need to change the error.h file to include errno.h just after the line extern int errno like so…

extern int errno;


then recompile and everything should work. 

IPTABLES doesn't work on initial boot

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Now for a long long time I have been perplexed by why my firewall never works on my linux boxes on initial boot. 

When you run iptables –list is shows all the rules but never works until you run it again under the root account.  Now I finally got around to finding out why and its because the ipv4 forwarding is being reset somewhere down the boot chain.  Yep I found it, what you need to do is edit /etc/sysctl.conf and change the net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1 as this is set to 0 by default and switches off all forwarding used in any firewall script.

Now I did have the forwarding set in the script but the sysctl appears to run after all the startup processes.

Hope this helps as it certainly has been puzzling me for sometime.

FTP on Linux Freezes on command – ls

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Something that I was suffering from when I tried to use ftp on linux, everytime I tried to do ‘ls’ to list the files FTP would freeze and not seem to do anything.

After quite a lot of pain, I noticed that a few of the important modules had not been loaded for the firewall – IPTABLES.  You must have the following modules loaded or built into your kernel for FTP to work through the firewall …

  • ip_conntrack
  • ip_conntrack_ftp
  • ip_nat_ftp

if you want to load them as modules then use modprobe.

Getting the Source Code for the Kernel of Linux Fedora 3 Distribution

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Fedora no longer installs the source for its installations so if you need to rebuild the kernel you will need to get the source the easiest way is as follows:

  1. up2date –get-source kernel
  2. Install kernel-.src.rpm (given the default RPM configuration, the files this package contains will be written to /usr/src/redhat/) [NOTE: if this fails you should find the kernel src rpm from your up2date and download it manually and then use rpm -i ]
  3. Change directory to /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/, and issue the following command: rpmbuild -bp –target= kernel.spec (Where target is the desired target architecture.)
  4. On a default RPM configuration, the kernel tree will be located in /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/.
    In resulting tree, the configurations for the specific kernels shipped in Fedora Core 3 are in the /configs/ directory. For example, the i686 SMP configuration file is named /configs/kernel--i686-smp.config. Issue the following command to place the desired configuration file in the proper place for building:
  5. cp ./.config
  6. Issue the following command:  make oldconfig if you want to use the oldconfig or make menuconfig if you want to put in new stuff

then read the readme.txt file which comes with Fedora for building but normally do the following

  1. make
  2. make modules_install install

this now updates grub (if your using it) automatically

Building the Linux-ATM software on Fedora Core 3 on a VIA C3 Processor

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Recently I built the linux-atm software, which is an atm utility which allows me to use my pci ADSL card on linux.

The latest release is version 2.4.1 which I pulled down off of sourceforge, and I then tried to compile it.  This is what I fell fowl of..

1. The source has four compilation errors which are at lines with default: in the case statements these need ; after them, you can either edit the four bits of source code yourself or get a patched version of the code from here.

2. Then I kept getting the error ‘storage size of req is not know’ and ‘invalid application of sizeof to incomplete type atmif_soic’ which I realised that I had the paths to my kernel source incorrect.  Now I put in a symbolic link to the source so /usr/src/linux pointed to /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/kernel-2.6.9/linux-2.6.9/include [ which is where the source really was ].  So to correct this error I typed this before running the configure of linux-atm.

CFLAGS=-I/usr/src/linux ./configure

and that got me over that problem.

3.  Then I got the error ‘config.h:6:2 error including kernel header in userspace use the glibc headers instead’ in atmdev.h to get around this I changed the line config.h to autoconf.h

Then it all worked and everything was installed into /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin.

Hope that has helped someone.  The linux-atm package has been around for sometime but I didnt think the documentation or notes about how to change the path to pick up your distributions source code was that clear.

My Old Mate Rick

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Had a chat with my old mate Rick Marden last night. Same old stuff what are we going to do to make us millionares? Were like a couple of old boys when we get together on the telephone.  Any way he is alive and well and looking toward the future of 2005 for all those that know him.

Infact he was telling me about this new light cube that his wife bought for her design work, apparently its like a tent and is white with lots of light.

Take a look at her handy work, prizes go to whoever can tell me what it is !!