Its Snowing Again Here In The UK

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Was snowing heavily last night and the result can be seen below.  Now its still snowing here which means that the UK will be in turmoil as a little bit of snow makes it impossible to get around as us Brits are never prepared.  I have dug out (no pun intended) an old photo of the snow from about 3 – 4 years ago so we can see if we are getting more snow or less. 

4 years ago approx.


Duran Duran Greatest Hits DVD – Easter Eggs

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Had to help the wife find the easter eggs in Duran Duran’s Greatest Hits DVD and boy it was difficult to find them all but will be posting on here what we did, so that you can unlock the different videos and interviews.


Scruffy and his mates

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The other day I caught my cat Scruffy watching TV with his mates and they were so engrossed with the television that I was able to snap a photo of them.

theres mousey, hampster and fishy all sitting with Scruffy.

Mr May Comes and Visits

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My old chum finally made it down to the Farrow residence to visit, first time in nearly 6 years of being here in our current property.

He immediately got on with Scruffy and both posed for a photo, although as you can see, Chris was a little distracted, he was busy hacking one of the neighbour’s wireless networks with his Psion 5 (has he still got that thing – time warp or what !!).

(taken with SPV C500)

Caught this Critter in my Garden

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Thought it was time for another photo to brighten up the blog, so saw this critter in my garden and snapped him.