Undefined reference to errno with make of checkpassword

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On some flavours of linux errno is a macro rather than an int so you need to alter the error.h file for it to compile

You need to do the following….

mv error.h error.h.orig

sed -e ‘s/extern int errno;/#include /g’ error.h.orig > error.h

Just got into the VOIP world here….

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Right this is the what I got up to on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Looked at vonage http://www.vonage.co.uk and asked them twice before launching into it if I could use my own hardware and both times yes and yes.
Bought my own hardware which is a Cisco ATA 186 £80 ish trade price.  Then signed up for vonage and they then said oh no you cant use your own hardware as its chipped especially for their network !!   I must say be afraid of this company all customer services in America and tech support is either India or America and its a real pain trying to ask them anything.
so ummed and arghed do I just get their router etc and thought no I would cancel it, luckily I did as after 14 days you have to pay to get off their subscription service.
So then found sipgate http://www.sipgate.co.uk and that was good especially as they have a 1/2p a minute plan but couldnt make any outgoing calls to the pstn network.  Still ongoing with them as they are not sure its them yet, but something is funny.  Just email support which isnt that hot.
So then looked up gradwell http://www.gradwell.co.uk and all worked out of the box first time no probs crystal clear but they charge 1.25p a minute and after initial 3 months its £4 a month which isnt too bad.  But you can ring these guys up and talk over any support issues which is excellent.
Oh one other thing I couldnt get my old bt handset to work with the cisco kit so bought a new bt phone and that still didnt work so then as I knew our bang & olufsen worked bought another of them at £200 but it just needs a phone that has power on the line as the bt phones get their power from the analogue line, I think thats what the problem was.
And thats it, then your in the voip world

The project you are trying to open is a web project you need to open it by specifying its URL path

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The famous error “The project you are trying to open is a web project you need to open it by specifying its URL path” in visual studio .net.  Basically you have either lost your .webinfo file or your .webinfo file is pointing to the wrong project or wrong place.

Took me a while to figure it out but hope that helps someone.  Hopefully the source code provider isnt so buggy in Visual Studio 2005.

More of Scruffy – couldnt resist

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Took this really nice picture of Scruffy today while at lunch.

He looks so contented now its the summer, out in the garden. And him teasing ‘Mia the doggy’ and then having a scratch on the tree.


Taking Delivery Of A MAC Powerbook G4 15 inch

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Took delivery of my new machine yesterday.  Rather swiss, this is my first Mac, they tell me once you taste Mac you never go back !!

First thing I needed to do was to get it on my encrypted wireless network ugh oh !!  Couldnt for the life of me get it on, I use a manual 128 bit key and have my passphrase in key 4, did a bit of reading and realised that the Mac only reads passphrases from KEY 1 so had to move my phrase into that on my existing wireless access points and yes it all works…

Other problem I had was that I couldnt get the Mac to see my shares on the windows 2003 domain controller.  It could connect via ip address and share name but the file finder couldnt browse the list of shares.  Tried for ages to get it going and at last seem to have cracked it.  Basically having read a lot of articles on the subject on the web I realised that in my local policy I had the network client talk securely (if server agrees) disabled as some articles say so made that enabled and just disabled the always talk securely and enabled send smb passwords unencrypted and this appears to have fixed it although I not entirely too confident about that.  But its all working now 🙂 the linux, windows and mac boxes can all talk together and share files no probs.  Can even pass files to my mac laptop which is just great.