Mini Adventure to Berlin – May 2007

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Well it all started about two months ago, when my mate Chris reckoned to go to Berlin for a weekend.  As soon as he said that I thought “YES” but instead of flying I would suggest driving, I thought it would be a blast and due to my last excursion in Brittany France was well up for it.

We left on Thursday 24th May 2007 and caught the tunnel train at around 10pm.  Just as we got on the train a couple of lads from Epsom parked behind us with their Aston Martin DB9 now me being me and Ken being Ken !! thought we would chat to them and get a sit in the DB9.  But before I could say anything Ken was demonstrating how to use their TomTom.  They were on their way to Marbella for the week and were unsure how many miles it was.

Ken giving a lesson on how to use TomTomsneeked a sit in the DB9
And while Ken explained how to program in the complete opposite of how to get to Marbella I sneaked a ride in the DB9.
Ready To GoOn Our Way

It was soon time to get back in the cars ready to get out on the french roads, Ken had a bit of business to attend to in the back of the mini and was heard ranting Buy, Sell etc etc ….

Then once off the train trundled along to the formula one hotel in Calais to stay the night so we would be refreshed for the journey to Berlin in the morning. Once near to the hotel ran into (not literally) the DB9 going around and around, Ken had obviously done the business on the TomTom ho ho … !!! Dumped our stuff and got off to the only place left open in Calais, a disco. Which in the end was actually quite good and we got a few beers in before heading back to the hotel about 3am.

While driving into the locked hotel complex via a coded gate a van decides to follow us in.  Its a bloke driving and he appears to pick a lady up and then realises he cant get out of the gated complex.  He then jumps out and starts banging on the door, its at this point that Ken and Chris decide to wind him up as they knew they were safe on the inside of the locked door.  Eventually after much banging from this guy Chris goes and lets him out.

We finally get to sleep about 3.30 / 4 am after Chris and Ken have sampled the delights of the vending machine.  We all go to sleep, Chris and Ken sharing a double bed – oooolala.  Then next I remember is that I was woken around 6am by a couple of growling tigers, was very frightened until I realised it was just Ken and Chris snoring their heads off.

To be Continued….

Quick Plug For FEL Communications and Nick Roast

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Right was after some 3.5 mm socket savers for my media center and found FEL Communications in Sunbury.   Think they are about the only people that do them as couldnt find anything like it else where on the net.  Very nice chap and collected them personally from his house which incidently was down the same road my friend from Brooklands Technical College used to live – Adrian Turner.

Right so the website is

Thanks again Nick

Into The Groove

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My colleague Scott just admitted that he bought Madonnas ‘Into The Groove’ back in the 80’s now hes into heavy heavy music so thats quite wierd….

Accessing Vista with smbclient

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Just bought a new machine and decided to put VISTA on it.  Now biggest problem was accessing the shares via smbclient or Samba.  Hunted high and low on the net couldnt find anything not specific for VISTA and smbclient.

I then looked for windows xp and smbclient and found a post about changing a registry entry.  Up to this point I had tried everything everyone else was saying like enable file sharing, private sharing etc and couldnt get any of that too work at all.

Probably works via another vista machine but not from linux or my apple.

I upgraded samba to the latest version before doing this.  I then added a registry entry in \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE


called LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy which a hexadecimal value of 1 and bobs your uncle you should be able to access shares and admin shares such as C$ on the vista machine from smbclient or mounting it in the fstab.

Hope that helped you, it helped me no end as I was getting very frustrated about it.  And samba is key to my machines here.


Scruffy Died

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Well for all those fans of Scruffy, unfortunately he died back in February.  He was breathing deeply one day and turned out he had a tumor in his lungs so had to have him put down.  Very sad day indeed as he was my mate.

Here is a nice picture to remember him by…

Upgraded to Subtext 1.9

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Right havent blogged for ages as was getting loads of spam under the old .text blogging software.

But just upgraded to SubText and looks very good, I think the guys on this project have done extremely well.

Was a fairly easy upgrade from .text only problem I did have was primary key violations on the conversion scripts. After lots of digging and scratching heads just re-ran the script and it worked which I am not sure why, only thing I can think is someone else was creating blogs while I was trying to do the conversion.

But no love it, used water theme and added my disclaimer at the bottom.