Broadband Slamming –

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Personal

Well just when I was thinking of moving my broadband thought I would have a look around and tried a site called broadband checker on, only used that site and about a week later I got an email from my existing provider saying that I had been slammed.  Basically there had been a manual cease put on the line from what seemed to be from Tiscali, now my existing provider eclipse internet said they couldnt do anything which really worried me.  After contacting Tiscali they said that a 3rd party reseller had initiated it but wouldnt tell me who. 

Talked to Ofcom and they said that there had been quite a lot of this happening lately.  So after getting them invovled BT wholesale agreed not to cancel the line and luckily its back on now although it keeps training the line now.

It all seemed too much of a coincidence that this happened when I had tried out the broadband site so I would urge everyone use the site as it is a good one lots of info but what ever you do dont put your phone number for the search only use the postcoe option.

Hopefully moving to bonded adsl with  so will blog about my experience of that soon….