Getting Rsyncd, Vista and Backuppc to work

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Mini-ITX, Personal, Software

Recently upgraded to vista and for the life of me couldnt get the vista to work with rsyncd running from cygwin.  Would always stop with a code 12 error and not alot else.  I just run rsyncd or rsync with the daemon option as I dont belive the cwrsync works as a service yet on vista. 

Now in the backuppc config options for rsyncd and rsync there is a hard link option I just removed that and it seems to work not sure why vista cant deal with that option but if you remove it, everything works as it did before on windows 2000 / XP.

Returns / Warranty From Seagate

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Hardware

Well I sent back some drives in April 2007 and they say they never received them.  Basically they were some old IDE drives that were just in warranty so I wasnt too bothered.  Then this weekend May 2008 got an email saying they were sending me one of the drives repaired under warranty.  The other they say they never received even though the drives were boxed together.

So let me get this right they took 13 months to repair and return one of the two drives I sent them, and lost the other.  Must be a record !!!