Duchy Original Elderflower Refresher Not In Stock

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Went to buy some Duchy Elderflower Refresher in my local Waitrose

and couldnt find a drop, now its my favourite summer drink.  Was told by an assistant that Duchy are changing their packaging and until that is finalised Waitrose were temporarily not stocking the product.

Weird, I have emailed HRH Prince Charles personally to find out what is happening !!!  Will keep you updated of any response from him.

How Can I Remove That IPhoto Export Plugin ? Such as Facebook IPhoto Exporter.

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Ok go to your applications folder on your mac within the finder window.  Right click the iphoto application icon and click show contents.  Browse to the plugins folder and look for a folder named the same as the exporter your looking to remove.

Delete the folder that is the same name as the exporter your trying to delete and bobs your uncle – the exporter will be removed next time you start IPhoto.

Nikon D5000 – First Images

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Decided it was time I got myself a digital SLR and saw the reviews on engadget of the new Nikon D5000. The price was good and I have been fed up with the camera on my HTC mobile, especially as I have been taking a lot of photos on my visits to the states.

Jessops this weekend had a sale on so bought the camera, extra lense, 8gb SD card and you got a free bag as part of the deal. I ordered the GP-1 unit for it as well (although have to wait 28 days for that) so that I can store the gps position of the photo as this seems to be the latest fashion in the world of photography.

I even negotiated about 50 pounds off the sale price. 🙂

WordPress RSS Feed Not Including Images

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Ok so searched high and low for this and finally found out that it was my theme that I had added which was wrong.  Look for feed_rss2.php in wp-includes and look for some code in there, that uses use_excerpt_rss my theme used this whether the rss setting->full (rather than summary) was selected or not in the settings->reading.

If you change the else to be “the_content()” rather than “the_excerpt_rss()” it works.  Your images are sent in the description so then the rss readers can read the whole article.

Jeni Parrish and Michael Good Finally Tie The Knot

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Gosh what a weekend.  Jeni Parrish and Michael Good FINALLY tied the knot and had their wedding this weekend.  I, as a busy executive !!! making teas etc !!! didn’t have the time to holiday again in the Carolina’s which was a shame but decided to try a weekend hop to the states.  Was very hectic but enjoyable.

Here are a few photos from the event….


Michael and Jeni

The Family

As Buff would say YAY !!!Buff And I

And a weird fact of the night was: Jeni’s father (blood) has several tattoos on him by Eddie Peace – Noel’s (Jeni’s sister-in-laws husband) grandfather, blogged about him in previous posts.

Heathrow Terminal 5 – First Impressions

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I am a regular jet setter these days [well like to think I am :)] but this weekend was my first experience of terminal 5 at Heathrow.  Since meeting my girlfriend in the USA I have tried to see her on a regular basis and all the British Airways flights have been out of Gatwick but since April the 1st (I believe) most of the British Airways flights have moved to Terminal 5, Heathrow.  So this weekend just gone I decided to go see Buff for the weekend !!!

Also it was a first for me because I used the long stay carpark as well, normally get dropped off.  It was actually quite good.  And my first impressions was that it was big and new and just exactly what you would expect from a big international airport for London.  I must say it makes the terminal building at Gatwick look very tired.

Once inside the terminal building, the concourse was spacious and airy.  On my british airways documentation it said that if you had no bags you needed to go to the security check desk.  This wasnt very well signposted and after asking a couple of people I was directed to the correct desk.

Then to go through security.  The initial person checking the documentation didnt even bother to look at it, just waived me through as I had an english passport in my hand which I thought in this day and age was a bit dangerous.  Once round the security boards it was a completely different story it was busy and slow.  Took a little while to get through the scanners.

Once through the scanners there is an information board right there which everyone hoards around as its the first one that you get when past security.  Actually the whole scanner  / security bit is quite cramped and squashed compared to the front desks its like they started planning the terminal without taking into account the whole space and it wsa like they ran out of room so the security bit is squashed into the last space left.

My exit was from a ‘B’ get so I had to get the underground train to the other building which was fine.  There is quite a lot of walking and I do think that BAA could have done more to provide moving walkways etc.

The actual gate was fine plenty of space although the seats are not too comfortable.  There was a large screen tv although I would have liked less spent on the tv and more on the seating.  Then when you are through the gate there was still quite a bit of walking to get to the plane.

All in all though looks nice and has that feel of an international airport.

Eddie Peace Tattoo

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My friend Noel Peace in the Carolinas has started a tattoo site.

It features the famous Georgia tattooists Eddie and Ann Peace (his grandparents).  There is history on them and you can even buy a bound book of the original tattoo flash created by Eddie Peace.

Why not check it out…. http://www.peacevintagetattooflash.com

Found Some Old Computer Photos

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Was looking through my pictures and found two of my very old machines that I built a few years back.

Changed My Blogs Theme

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The standard themes that come with wordpress are OK !! but if you want something really good / different you have to go elsewhere.  I found quite a lot of themes on WordPress Themes and particularly liked the Modern Sofa 10 theme.

This is particularly relevant these days as I am always falling asleep on the sofa and wake up in the early hours of the morning.

It was a good starting point but something were lacking which I modified by hand ie. put the title on the search box, modified the footer to take out the advertising etc etc.  There are still somethings that arent quite right for instance the tag cloud isnt formated properly but that is not the themes problem that is a problem with the tag cloud that comes standard with wordpress as it really needs a tag cloud div html tag created around it.  When I have more time I will try to sort that out.

Any way think it looks quite alright for the mo….

WordPress Search & Permalinks

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Using the carrington theme and after switching to permalinks I noticed that the wordpress search doesnt seem to work.  Not sure if this is by design or what.  After a little bit of scrabbling around I decided to hack the scripts so I changed the search.php script which sits in themes/carrington-blog/forms.  I commented out the permalinks section of the if like so

if (get_option('permalink_structure') != '') {
    $onsubmit = "location.href=this.action+
'search/'+encodeURIComponent(this.s.value).replace(/%20/g, '+'); return false;";
else {
    $onsubmit = '';

so that it always does the non permalink bit whether or not it is selected.  Seems to work still, all comments welcomed on this.