Heathrow Terminal 5 – First Impressions

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Personal

I am a regular jet setter these days [well like to think I am :)] but this weekend was my first experience of terminal 5 at Heathrow.  Since meeting my girlfriend in the USA I have tried to see her on a regular basis and all the British Airways flights have been out of Gatwick but since April the 1st (I believe) most of the British Airways flights have moved to Terminal 5, Heathrow.  So this weekend just gone I decided to go see Buff for the weekend !!!

Also it was a first for me because I used the long stay carpark as well, normally get dropped off.  It was actually quite good.  And my first impressions was that it was big and new and just exactly what you would expect from a big international airport for London.  I must say it makes the terminal building at Gatwick look very tired.

Once inside the terminal building, the concourse was spacious and airy.  On my british airways documentation it said that if you had no bags you needed to go to the security check desk.  This wasnt very well signposted and after asking a couple of people I was directed to the correct desk.

Then to go through security.  The initial person checking the documentation didnt even bother to look at it, just waived me through as I had an english passport in my hand which I thought in this day and age was a bit dangerous.  Once round the security boards it was a completely different story it was busy and slow.  Took a little while to get through the scanners.

Once through the scanners there is an information board right there which everyone hoards around as its the first one that you get when past security.  Actually the whole scanner  / security bit is quite cramped and squashed compared to the front desks its like they started planning the terminal without taking into account the whole space and it wsa like they ran out of room so the security bit is squashed into the last space left.

My exit was from a ‘B’ get so I had to get the underground train to the other building which was fine.  There is quite a lot of walking and I do think that BAA could have done more to provide moving walkways etc.

The actual gate was fine plenty of space although the seats are not too comfortable.  There was a large screen tv although I would have liked less spent on the tv and more on the seating.  Then when you are through the gate there was still quite a bit of walking to get to the plane.

All in all though looks nice and has that feel of an international airport.