The Bramley Cafe, Bramley, Surrey

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The Bramley Cafe

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Well saw that the cafe in Bramley had re-opened after the last owners had left, so thought being a lover of cafe’s I would go and try it today.

It is situated on the high street in Bramley. Initial impressions: lovely smell of hot food and it was busy. I opted for the Bramley special which was a sausage, 2 pieces of bacon, fried egg, fried slice, 2 pieces of black pudding, baked beans, hash brown, bread and butter.  I also ordered a mug of hot tea and the whole lot came to £6.20.

The delivery of the food and drink was a little different to most other cafe’s I have been in around this area because the others tend to give you your drinks as you pay.  Here you pay, sit down and the tea is brought out to you. I guess this approach is a little posher but personally I like to get my drink there and then as you can drink and read your paper if you have one.  It took a little while for the tea to arrive but was quickly followed by my food.

Initial reaction – it looked good, food was hot and fresh.

You can always tell something about a cafe by the type of sausage they have on offer and this sausage was a very meaty one, it was delicious.  Minor detail here but could have done with a bit more bread and it would have been nice if it was on a plate because there was just too much stuff for the size of the plates they were offering.

Value for money – I would say it was a little more expensive than I am used to but it was nice to go to a cafe out in the sticks. It was nice so I am happy to pay a little extra.

Would I go back – Yes I would go back, probably not as often as my favourite cafe in Leatherhead but I would go back.

Harry after he woke up.

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Harry after he woke up.

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Another photo I found taken in and around Augusta – hes so cute….

Firefox 3.5 and WordPress – Cant Login

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Since upgrading to firefox 3.5, I couldnt login any more to my wordpress (currently 2.7) blog.  It was wierd as I couldnt login using firefox 3.5 on my apple running OS-X 10.5 and I couldnt login using firefox 3.5 on Vista.  But I could login on my clients machine running firefox 3.5 on Windows XP.

What seemed to be the problem was that in my userid / password cache I had two id’s for the site one with a capatalised first letter and one all lowercase, ie.  Admin and admin.

Now prior to firefox 3.5 this wasn’t a problem as it picked the correctly saved one.  Now since firefox 3.5 it looks like it always wants to pick the capitalised one and there seems to be no way to pick the non capitalised id’s however much you try to get it to do it.

Well all I needed to do was remove the duplicate unused id’s and it then worked.  You can do this from preferences -> security -> stored passwords, look for the ids you want to remove, highlight them and hit remove.

Once the duplicate id’s were tidied I could now login using firefox 3.5.  Guess this is a feature of firefox 3.5.

Our Time On BPOSS With BP Has Finally Come To A Close.

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Well recently we were told that our team BPOSS is being outsourced to India.  Its been a long journey with some of our team working on BPOSS for 6 years or more.  Myself personally I have worked on the team at Sunbury for 4 years now.

Its sad because its our system, we have put in a lot of blood and sweat to get it to where it is now.  What is strange is that BP just seem to be biting the bullet and outsourcing everything and everyone.  All our knowledge of the shipping system is just about to walk out the door.

The current team

  • Tim Bridges – Project Manager
  • John Sparke – Lead Business Analyst
  • John Derbyshire – Technical Analyst
  • Andy Russell – Testing Manager
  • Scott Waye – Technical Lead
  • Simon Hewitt – Developer
  • and of course me – TEA BOY extraordinaire

So come the end of September there will be a ready made team available if any one has anything for us to do !!!! Its a superb team, having worked together for half a decade,  we gel really well.  Not to mention the wealth of  shipping knowledge between us.

Our skills are Shipping, Oil, .NET, C#, LLBLGen & SQL Server.

Any way better shut up and get the teas in.