Snow in Guildford

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Snow in Guildford

Snow in Guildford

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First snow of the Winter hits us here in Guildford, Surrey. Its not as bad as last year but looks like a substantial amount of snow none the less.

Senor Farrow Visits El Faro, London

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Well things finally came to an end for myself on the BPOSS (BP Open Shipping System) team.  So the team decided that we would combine the Christmas team lunch with my leaving dooooo.

John Sparke thought we should go to a Spanish restaurant that he knew…

Farrow at El Faro

Enjoying A Fillet Steak

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El Faro
3 Turberry Quay
Pepper Street
London E14 9RD

It is right next to Crossharbour station on the Isle of Dogs.

The staff were welcoming and Spanish which is great as most of the waiting staff these days in Spanish restaurants are english.

I would say the menu was small but precise with some really good stuff on it.

I had the Spanish omelette to start with, followed by a perfectly cooked blue rump steak.  The wine menu was excellent and I and a colleague had a red rioja which was just fantastic.

For dessert I had the caramelized bananas served with Madagascar vanilla ice cream.

My colleagues meals were also excellent.

The bill was 433 pounds which worked out at 86 pounds a head so it wasn’t the cheapest lunch although I think the three bottles of champagne and the brandy’s after the meal somewhat pushed the price up.

Would I go back – YES I would.

England draw USA at 2010 World Cup

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Yay England has drawn the USA for their first match in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The date for the match is 12 June 2010 and I think it will be a great day in terms of me and the relatives watching the game. Although most of them don’t even know what soccer is !!! They can be ‘edumacated’ – hopefully.

Will be great if we can get to the beach to watch it, would just be like being in South Africa. Barbecuing, beer and great weather – oh cant wait, might even buy an England shirt which is something from a person that is not crazy on soccer, unlike the rest of the nation.

Come on England…..

Really Terrible Chinese From The Jade Inn On Bramley High Street.

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Last Thursday 3rd December 2009 I decided to go get some Chinese from the Jade Inn on Bramley High Street. I haven’t been there for some time but like to go there as its (or was) one of the most traditional Chinese takeaways in this area.

Firstly it was empty when I went in there which is very strange as it used to be a very busy and you had to wait a while for the food. I ordered chicken chop suey, special egg foo young, sweet and sour pork.

While I waited for my food to be cooked, in came what I recognised as a regular face to the takeaway. He was moaning that his sweet and sour chicken was not cooked properly. This seemed odd to me as I have never had any problems there. The guy behind the desk said they had a new chef and that he had a different concept of what was cooked and not cooked. At this point it should have spelled trouble to me, but I just sat patiently and waited for the food.

Then up came my food I immediately checked my sweet and sour pork, felt fairly warm. So I then trundled home. Once home emptied the carrier to find at the bottom of the bag the special egg foo young (special omelette) but instead a block of omelette it was more like special scrabbled egg. It looked terrible. The chicken chop suey was cold and the pork in the sweet and sour pork tasted as though it had been cooked over a week ago was all tough and didn’t taste that fresh.

So basically probably wont go back there for some time, or at least until I hear reports that the chef has been replaced. It truly was horrible.