A New Year And A New Country

Posted by Paul Farrow - Under: Personal
Well its been a year since I posted last. My last post indicated that I was emigrating to the USA. Well a lot has happened in that year. I have moved lock stock and barrel to South Carolina, USA.  I have to thank a lot of people and give them shouts for how they helped me out. 

  • I packed up my house with the lots of help from my mum and dad, big thanks goes to them.
  • I moved my stuff  using Robinsons International they were excellent the only gripe I had if any was that one of the guys had labeled one item on the inventory as in bad condition but he hadn’t told me about it.
  • For renting purposes I had an energy survey from Glen Waldren of Waldren Home Inspection Services who was absolutely fantastic and excellent value.  Totally recommend him.
  • My good friend Richard who did all the appliance checking, excellent job.  He can be found here at www.pat-test.me.uk.
  • I would like to mention another good friend of mine Jimmy Osbourne (AKA Jim the Plumber) who got my waste disposal going.
  • Would also like to thank Buff for putting up with my moods when at times things didn’t go too well.

After the 3 hours of visa processing through Atlanta airport I was met by a great welcome reception.  Thanks go to the Barlows for being there with Buff at the airport.  Just look at what I was met by.

DSCF2459 by paulfarrow
DSCF2459 a photo by paulfarrow on Flickr.