My name is Paul Farrow.  I was born on March 5th 1970, so that makes me …..  yes ancient.

Paul Farrow

Young Farrow Pre 1975

I was brought up in Cobham, Surrey in England, and attended all three of the schools in Cobham.  I also attended Trinity (no longer called that) in Esher thanks to the government merging three schools in the area together.

My parents gave me my first computer when I was 11, it was a Sinclair ZX81.  Little did they know what they were starting.

I have been working in IT as a programmer since 1988, after graduating from Brooklands Technical college, Weybridge in Surrey.  Initially worked for Enterprise Air Time systems in Thames Ditton.

Paul Farrow and Buff Farrow

Buff and I – May 2009

In 1994 I started my own company Farrow Computing Limited and engaged with various blue chip clients.

I met Buff in 2008 and applied for a visa to come to the USA in 2009 which was granted in 2010.  I closed my company in March of 2010 so that I could emigrate.  I emigrated to South Carolina, USA and married Buff on St Georges Day of that year.  We have two children Cooper and Olivia.

My green card was granted in September 2010.

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