Everyone Is Looking For A White Mini Cooper S

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I noticed in my stats that everyone is coming to my blog from search engines looking for white Mini Cooper S’s and I realised that I dont actually have a picture of mine from the front. So here it is on the day I bought it waiting to be driven by myself. Shame I sold it back last year. Any way here it is in all its glory …..

White Mini Cooper S - HV57UOA

Drove it many times to France and once to Madrid. It was great fun, nearly as great as my GSX-R 750. Wonder where it is now??? Registration was HV57UOA – post here if you have seen it.

If your looking for more photos or stories about it try clicking the mini tag in my tag cloud.

The Mini Cooper S Has Been Sold

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Well the final finance payment date was rapidly coming up on my white Mini Cooper S and needed to decide what I was going to do.

  1. Refinance the balloon payment.
  2. Sell the car.
  3. Hand it back to BMW.

Didnt really want to refinance the car as there are a few things going on in my life right now which dictates that I dont want to take on any more debt.

Selling the car privately is a hassle and always will be.

So the only option was to hand it back to BMW, was going to do that when a friend of mine recommended Stoughton Car Sales in Guildford and Godalming.

Rang them and talked to a chap called Paul, he was immediately interested and in the end reached a price that was good for the both of us and did the deed.

So its finally gone and I am now car less.  Its back to two wheels for me for the moment.  For the details of Stoughton Car Sales (Surrey) please click the image below….

Stoughton Car Sales

Nikon D5000 – First Images

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Decided it was time I got myself a digital SLR and saw the reviews on engadget of the new Nikon D5000. The price was good and I have been fed up with the camera on my HTC mobile, especially as I have been taking a lot of photos on my visits to the states.

Jessops this weekend had a sale on so bought the camera, extra lense, 8gb SD card and you got a free bag as part of the deal. I ordered the GP-1 unit for it as well (although have to wait 28 days for that) so that I can store the gps position of the photo as this seems to be the latest fashion in the world of photography.

I even negotiated about 50 pounds off the sale price. 🙂

Race with Eric Clapton in his Porsche Turbo

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Followed Eric Clapton last week on the roads around Ripley.  He was in his Porsche turbo and I was in my little white Mini Cooper S, his Porsche was going well.  Although I did have him on the roundabout under the A3 at Ripley, but lost it again on the slip road.  At that point I thought I was going backwards lol.


Mini Adventure to Berlin – May 2007

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Well it all started about two months ago, when my mate Chris reckoned to go to Berlin for a weekend.  As soon as he said that I thought “YES” but instead of flying I would suggest driving, I thought it would be a blast and due to my last excursion in Brittany France was well up for it.

We left on Thursday 24th May 2007 and caught the tunnel train at around 10pm.  Just as we got on the train a couple of lads from Epsom parked behind us with their Aston Martin DB9 now me being me and Ken being Ken !! thought we would chat to them and get a sit in the DB9.  But before I could say anything Ken was demonstrating how to use their TomTom.  They were on their way to Marbella for the week and were unsure how many miles it was.

Ken giving a lesson on how to use TomTomsneeked a sit in the DB9
And while Ken explained how to program in the complete opposite of how to get to Marbella I sneaked a ride in the DB9.
Ready To GoOn Our Way

It was soon time to get back in the cars ready to get out on the french roads, Ken had a bit of business to attend to in the back of the mini and was heard ranting Buy, Sell etc etc ….

Then once off the train trundled along to the formula one hotel in Calais to stay the night so we would be refreshed for the journey to Berlin in the morning. Once near to the hotel ran into (not literally) the DB9 going around and around, Ken had obviously done the business on the TomTom ho ho … !!! Dumped our stuff and got off to the only place left open in Calais, a disco. Which in the end was actually quite good and we got a few beers in before heading back to the hotel about 3am.

While driving into the locked hotel complex via a coded gate a van decides to follow us in.  Its a bloke driving and he appears to pick a lady up and then realises he cant get out of the gated complex.  He then jumps out and starts banging on the door, its at this point that Ken and Chris decide to wind him up as they knew they were safe on the inside of the locked door.  Eventually after much banging from this guy Chris goes and lets him out.

We finally get to sleep about 3.30 / 4 am after Chris and Ken have sampled the delights of the vending machine.  We all go to sleep, Chris and Ken sharing a double bed – oooolala.  Then next I remember is that I was woken around 6am by a couple of growling tigers, was very frightened until I realised it was just Ken and Chris snoring their heads off.

To be Continued….