Scruffy Died

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Well for all those fans of Scruffy, unfortunately he died back in February.  He was breathing deeply one day and turned out he had a tumor in his lungs so had to have him put down.  Very sad day indeed as he was my mate.

Here is a nice picture to remember him by…

More of Scruffy – couldnt resist

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Took this really nice picture of Scruffy today while at lunch.

He looks so contented now its the summer, out in the garden. And him teasing ‘Mia the doggy’ and then having a scratch on the tree.


Scruffy and his mates

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The other day I caught my cat Scruffy watching TV with his mates and they were so engrossed with the television that I was able to snap a photo of them.

theres mousey, hampster and fishy all sitting with Scruffy.

Mr May Comes and Visits

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My old chum finally made it down to the Farrow residence to visit, first time in nearly 6 years of being here in our current property.

He immediately got on with Scruffy and both posed for a photo, although as you can see, Chris was a little distracted, he was busy hacking one of the neighbour’s wireless networks with his Psion 5 (has he still got that thing – time warp or what !!).

(taken with SPV C500)

Scruffy had his flu Jab Yesterday

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My little Scruffy went and had his yearly flu jab yesterday.  Hes feeling a little sad today though, I guess its taking its toll on him as it is like having cat flu but not in a large dose.   Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow.

All Over For Another Year

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All over for another year will have to take down the tree soon, new year in a little while …


At least little Scruffy had a good time, he got a new green fishy toy !!

(above pictures of Scruffy taken with mobile phone camera on the SPV C500 mentioned in the below post) Boxes

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My cat Scruffy is always going on at me to recycle my boxes. And as I like putting photos on my blog (brightens it up), here is Scruffy practicing what he preaches.

He’s made it into a nice bed for himself ….

A Lazy Day

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Thought it was time for some pics on here so this is what my cat thinks about the site.

Taken with the camera on my mobile phone.