Updated My Blog To Use An Ebay Plugin

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ok I updated my wordpress blog to use a plugin from watchcount.com, so that I can list my ebay items on my blog. I will be selling a lot of stuff soon due to my impending emigration to the USA yahooooooo !!!!

There was a small FEATURE in the plugin that didnt allow it to work when php is hosted on IIS but have worked with the author and have now solved that which is great. Actually great support from them and it works a treat.

So I now have ebay items on the sidebar and you can post directly into the text like this… Check out the tattoo flash from my impending brother in law !!! yahoooo. OK OK I am getting a bit wild for a Monday morning I know any way check this out.

Not sure on the ebay header bit but I guess thats ebay doing that so probably nothing we can do about it.

Opened a #Twitter Account And Installed The #WordPress #Twittertools Plugin

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As I have some time on my hands these days I finally decided to open a Twitter account. Some of my friends do it although not a lot as most of their activity seems to be on Facebook.

Opening the account was fairly easy. And twitter is self explanatory really. I guess the real reason for getting on Twitter is another way of publishing my useless information that I release from time to time via my WordPress blog. So I downloaded the plugin twittertools and set up the Twitter login details which worked a treat – when I now published a post on my blog it pushed it to my Twitter account paulfarr0w. The problem was that it had the big long url in it so hunted about and realised that actually within twittertools it had 3 other plugins, one being the interface to bit.ly which gives you tiny url’s.

Signed up for an account with bit.ly and posted again and bobs your uncle now I have posts going through twitter as well all from one source my blog.

Oh one last thing the hash’s in the titles tell Twitter to group the posts by those keywords which is pretty nifty.

Firefox 3.5 and WordPress – Cant Login

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Since upgrading to firefox 3.5, I couldnt login any more to my wordpress (currently 2.7) blog.  It was wierd as I couldnt login using firefox 3.5 on my apple running OS-X 10.5 and I couldnt login using firefox 3.5 on Vista.  But I could login on my clients machine running firefox 3.5 on Windows XP.

What seemed to be the problem was that in my userid / password cache I had two id’s for the site one with a capatalised first letter and one all lowercase, ie.  Admin and admin.

Now prior to firefox 3.5 this wasn’t a problem as it picked the correctly saved one.  Now since firefox 3.5 it looks like it always wants to pick the capitalised one and there seems to be no way to pick the non capitalised id’s however much you try to get it to do it.

Well all I needed to do was remove the duplicate unused id’s and it then worked.  You can do this from preferences -> security -> stored passwords, look for the ids you want to remove, highlight them and hit remove.

Once the duplicate id’s were tidied I could now login using firefox 3.5.  Guess this is a feature of firefox 3.5.

WordPress RSS Feed Not Including Images

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Ok so searched high and low for this and finally found out that it was my theme that I had added which was wrong.  Look for feed_rss2.php in wp-includes and look for some code in there, that uses use_excerpt_rss my theme used this whether the rss setting->full (rather than summary) was selected or not in the settings->reading.

If you change the else to be “the_content()” rather than “the_excerpt_rss()” it works.  Your images are sent in the description so then the rss readers can read the whole article.

Changed My Blogs Theme

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The standard themes that come with wordpress are OK !! but if you want something really good / different you have to go elsewhere.  I found quite a lot of themes on WordPress Themes and particularly liked the Modern Sofa 10 theme.

This is particularly relevant these days as I am always falling asleep on the sofa and wake up in the early hours of the morning.

It was a good starting point but something were lacking which I modified by hand ie. put the title on the search box, modified the footer to take out the advertising etc etc.  There are still somethings that arent quite right for instance the tag cloud isnt formated properly but that is not the themes problem that is a problem with the tag cloud that comes standard with wordpress as it really needs a tag cloud div html tag created around it.  When I have more time I will try to sort that out.

Any way think it looks quite alright for the mo….

WordPress Search & Permalinks

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Using the carrington theme and after switching to permalinks I noticed that the wordpress search doesnt seem to work.  Not sure if this is by design or what.  After a little bit of scrabbling around I decided to hack the scripts so I changed the search.php script which sits in themes/carrington-blog/forms.  I commented out the permalinks section of the if like so

if (get_option('permalink_structure') != '') {
    $onsubmit = "location.href=this.action+
'search/'+encodeURIComponent(this.s.value).replace(/%20/g, '+'); return false;";
else {
    $onsubmit = '';

so that it always does the non permalink bit whether or not it is selected.  Seems to work still, all comments welcomed on this.

Adding Google Adsense To WordPress

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Well tried several and dont think any of them are that good.  For one thing that is a problem is that google only seems to work in internet explorer which I guess is by design.  I cant get any of the google adsense stuff to appear on my wordpress blog using firefox to surf the pages – unless my adblocker is stopping them but I dont think its configured for it.  Any ideas any one am I being a really silly person as normal ???

Moved from SubText to WordPress

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Well subtext has fallen out of favour and no one is really updating the software side of it any more.  WordPress seems to be the latest fashionable blog software out there at the moment.

So I exported my subtext blog to blogml then used this very nice blog article to import it into wordpress.  I did what the chap says but didnt really have any problems at all.  The only thing I had a problem with was that the categories didnt keep their names, so just had to rename the categories once it was in wordpress format.